It’s time for some Autumn Wind! Why? Because of the tweet Derek Carr fired off this morning: ‘Now it’s done! From the jump I’ve wanted to be a Raider 4 life. One step closer to that! Blessed!!! Business done! Let’s just play now!!’

According to reports, Derek Carr is on the verge of signing a contract extension somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 mill per year. The Raider message boards and forums that Raider Mike patrols must be freaking out right now. If those numbers hold, it would push him past Andrew Luck and make him the highest paid player in the league.

That’s a lot of bread for a guy who just finished his third season in the league and snapped his fibula last year.

Is he really worth it? Well, the answer in a situation like this is: you’re always worth what someone will pay you. And the other answer is: hell yes.

He’s thrown for nearly 4,000 yards each of the last two seasons, last year he threw for 28 td’s and just six interceptions while leading the team to their first playoff appearance since 2002. He played four games with a broken pinkie on his throwing hand, never missing a practice, and only missing one series. There hasn’t been a Raider that tough since Raider Mike coughed up a lung and didn’t even miss a beat in his call!

And just like Raider Mike, Derek Carr is clutch. Like the two-point conversion on the road against the Saints in Week 1. Or the 12 4th quarter comebacks he has in three seasons. He was an MVP candidate before the broken leg last year. He’s what Phil Jackson would call “a unicorn,” which means that Phil would try to trade him for a 7th round pick and a sack of footballs, but anyone else would try to lock him down and make sure he never leaves.

And speaking of leaving, that’s another great reason why you hook this guy up – because the team is leaving. Because he’s the face of the franchise that’s about to dump its fans in Oakland for a fat stack of cash in Las Vegas and Derek Carr is going to play a huge role in keeping fans showing up in Oakland and start them showing up in Las Vegas. When you pull off a move like the one they’re pulling off, you need stability at the top and Carr is as stable as it gets.

But don’t take it from me. Ask Khalil Mack who raves about Carr as a teammate and a leader. Or Philip Rivers, who told the NFL Network, that Carr is a “guy that just really gets it.”

That about sums it up. He gets it. And now he’s about to get his.

And yes, if Derek Carr’s worth $25 mill, Aaron Rodgers is worth a boatload as well. This is about timing and it’ll be Aaron’s time to get paid shortly, but now it’s Derek’s and he’s earned it for what he’s done and what everyone expects he will do going forward. You can’t win jack without a franchise Q.B., and not everyone has one, but the Raiders do.  And when you get one, you make damn sure you take care of him. And the Raiders are.  This is one they got right.


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