Huge news in the baseball world. Not the Dodgers winning their 10th in a row nor the fact that they came from 5 runs down to do it. Or that Cody Bellinger homered again. Twice. And it’s not that the Astros won 6 of 7 on the road. Nope, it’s bigger than that. Tim Tebow is getting called up. All the way up from low Single-A Columbia Fireflies to High-A St. Lucie Mets.

Hell yes. He’s getting promoted from low-A ball faster that Bryce Harper did. Which means he must be tearing it up, right? Wrong. Hitting .220 with 69 strikeouts. Yeah, but a guy like him, “all thick polygons and smooth flat planes and inescapable corn-fed handsomeness,” probably isn’t a contact hitter. Probably more of a Rob Deer, swing for the fences kind of guy, right? Wrong again. He has 3 home runs in 64 games. That projects to roughly 7 ½ dingers in 162 games. Not exactly Hank Aaron. If he is swinging for the fences, he’s coming up short a lot.

So then he’s got to be pretty slick in the field? Nope. Seven errors, worst among the outfielders on his team.

So why are the Mets promoting him? Well, Tebow himself doesn’t sound like he knows why: “For me, it’s not something I have to answer. There’s a lot smarter, wiser people than me that make those decisions. I just try and show up and play hard every day.”

And one of those smarter, wiser people is Mets GM Sandy Alderson, who said….

Man, grab a fork and dive into that word salad. I’ve just listened to that and I’m not sure that Sandy Alderson is sure why Sandy Alderson promoted Tim Tebow. That’s not an explanation, that’s just a series of of words strung together for about sixty seconds.

Is this seriously the same Sandy Alderson who was the genius behind the A’s dynasty in the late 80s when they won three straight American League titles and mixed in a world series title? The guy who presided over teams with guys like Dave Stewart, Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, Ricky Henderson, and so on. I’m not sure it is, because there’s no way that guy would’ve promoted a soon-to-be 30 year old NFL flop who’s chasing pub and a bizarre fantasy-camp life.

This guy is now orchestrating a circus in New York that’s getting worse by the day and then goes with the old magician’s trick of “look over there” to distract the audience’s attention. This season has been so bad that it makes promoting a guy who has no business playing baseball seem like a good idea.

This whole thing is so very Mets. Tebow could’ve been hitting .050 and they still would’ve found some justification for promoting him. My only question is why they stopped at High-A? Someone who’s whiffing more than once per game has to be able to find a spot on the Mets 25-man roster, right? No way you can afford to keep a talent like that buried in Florida. Having Tebow in Mets gear would sure beat having to explain why these guys have gone from a wild card team to a joke in a matter of months, right?

Dude is falling all over himself trying to find something positive to say about a guy who really doesn’t belong on a baseball field. Then again, almost none of the Mets on the big league team belong on a baseball field either; which is also on Alderson.

But good try, good effort with that Misdirection. It almost worked. Almost got us to look away from that train wreck you have on the big league level. A train wreck of a season whose high point was Mr. Met hitting his own fans with a the bird coming off the field.  The Mets, same as they ever were. Embarrassing. And hilarious.


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