Hour 1

Russ Westbrook Is The MVP | Sidney Crosby (NHL) Interview | Draymond’s Mental Notes


Hour 2

Eli Manning (NFL) Interview | Jameer Nelson (NBA) Interview | Eli Reaction And Tandem Failed Call


Hour 3

Tandem Call Reaction | Dave Joerger (NBA) Interview | Grow Up, Clones



Sidney Crosby

Pittsburgh Captain on the past year of his life: “It’s certainly been a lot of fun.”


Eli Manning

Giants’ Quarterback’s motivation: “Another trophy.”


Jameer Nelson

Denver Veteran on locker room chemistry: “I look at myself as a glue guy.”


Dave Joerger

Sacramento Head Coach on De’Aaron Fox: “A guy that can run the team for 10 years.”




The NBA had their first-ever NBA Awards show last night and while it wasn’t the smoothest production ever, it was very good.
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William Felton Russell

But the real MVP of last night wasn’t Russell Westbrook it was a different Russell.
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Draymond’s Mental Notes

A lot of times, award shows like the one that the NBA had feel phony and forced because the people receiving the awards don’t really want to be there and don’t even want the trophy.
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Keep Moving, Clones

I want to circle back to something and clear something up. I am aware of what happened at UFC Fight Night 112 on Sunday night. For some reason, you creeps keep bringing it up, as if I wasn’t aware of what happened.
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