A lot of times, award shows like the one that the NBA had feel phony and forced because the people receiving the awards don’t really want to be there and don’t even want the trophy. But that was not the case last night. In fact, there were a couple of guys, who wanted their awards so badly, they could taste them, starting with Draymond Green who was finally named Defensive Player of the Year. He was the runner-up two years in a row and you know he was bent about it, so he wanted this one badly.

The only thing better than Draymond winning the Defensive Player of the Year award was his outfit when he won it: rocking a suit jacket, bowtie, shorts, no socks, and slippers with skull and crossbones on them.

That should be a warning to anyone who thinks that winning this award will make him mellow out. That’s not happening. And if you really need to be reminded, check the parlor trick he dropped on Darren Rovell and NBC Sports Bay Area recently. Draymond obviously has a huge chip on his shoulder over being the 35th player taken in the draft. You often hear guys say, they’re hell-bent on making every team that passed on him pay.  And Draymond’s no different… Except Draymond is also on record as saying he can tell you all 34 guys who were taken before him.. Well, someone finally called him on it, during an interview, and my man went instant legend with it:

34 picks, in order, with one exception – he flipped Jared Sullinger and the late Fab Melo at 21 and 22. But since they were picked by the Celtics in back-to-back picks, I’ll let it slide. I’m just surprised he didn’t correct that last night when they handed him the defensive player of the year trophy. In fact, I’m surprised his acceptance speech wasn’t just him reciting all 34 names again. This is for you, Jeremy Lamb! Hey, Andrew Nicholson, SCOREBOARD!

If he can still recite that list after winning two NBA titles, I doubt he’s mellowing out after winning a Defensive Player of the Year Award. That’s not human. That’s Arya Stark-level venom. That’s not a guy running down an NBA draft list, that’s someone running down a list of enemies.

It’s one thing to remember some guys from that draft like Anthony Davis and MKG going 1-2 and Dame Lillard at six, but Arnett Moultrie at 27? I’m not even sure Arnett Moultrie remembers that Arnett Moultrie was drafted with the 27th pick.

He even remembers the details of the Jared Cunningham trade, which everyone else wants to forget. But not Draymond.

He remembers that stuff like each one of those guys personally hurt them. He says “Tomas Satoransky” like Tom ripped food off his table, when all Tom did was have the misfortune of being picked a few spots ahead of him. Now poor Tom probably sleeps with one eye open, afraid that Draymond is just sitting outside his window, staring at him, and counting the ways that he can destroy House Satoransky.

I’m guessing Draymond won’t be resting too much because the only thing that feels better than two rings and a defensive player of the year award is three rings and two defensive player of the year awards. And my man is clearly keeping mental notes and running on some crazy fuel that the rest of didn’t even know existed.


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