Info & Stats: Denver Nuggets Point Guard

All Topics: 2016-17 Season | 13 years in | Taking care of his body | Initial reaction to being traded to Denver | Family staying back in Philadelphia | Nuggets organization | Locker room chemistry when he first arrived | Being a glue guy | Gary Harris | First ever award show last night | Nikola Jokic | Western Conference point guards | Big 5 in Philly

June 27th 2017

Jameer on locker room chemistry: “I look at myself as a glue guy.”



July 7th 2014

All Topics: Orlando releasing him last week | His run in Orlando | Business vs. personal | Leaving Orlando on good terms | Always wanted to end his career in Orlando | Last few seasons in Orlando | Feels like he has some good basketball left in him | Wanting to start | The NBA free agency market being a little frozen right now | LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony’s future

Jameer on being waived by Orlando: “I guess I kind of knew it was coming.”



Mar 7th 2013

All Topics: Miami game last night | Needing to play all 48 minutes against the Heat | Hoping to break Miami’s winning streak | A loss is a loss | Playing more younger players this season | Nikola Vucevic’s game | Dwight Howard’s comments about his former teammates | Trying not to get caught up in Howard’s comments | Knowing who he is | It was great to play with Dwight | Dwight’s talent | Howard in Los Angeles | Rebuilding situation in Orlando | First time in his career he’s been in a rebuilding mode | J.J. Redick | Redick being traded to Milwaukee | It was tough losing Redick

Jameer on playing with Dwight Howard: “It was great.”



Apr 15, 2011:

Jameer on Dwight Howard’s play: “He’s on a different level right now.”


Dec 02, 2010:

Topics: Current winning streak | Beating Chicago last night | 14-4 record | We are fine with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat getting all of the attention | Our team has to earn the attention | Dwight Howard | Howard’s offense is a lot better after working with Hakeem Olajuwon | Stan Van Gundy letting the players speak their minds at the beginning of the season | Feeling healthy this year is allowing him to attack the defense | Health | Playing the younger point guards in the league like Derrick Rose | Tonight’s game in Cleveland | LeBron made his decision months ago | Not sure how LeBron will respond tonight | Hostile environments | Crowds getting on you |



May 13, 2010:

Topics: Last season’s shoulder injury | Mentally checked out when the doctors told him he was done for the season last year | NBA Finals 2009 | Experience from last season will help them | Team’s mismatches | Vince Carter | Carter has adapted to our team nicely | Not worried about who they face, just want too be healthy | Team has unreal chemistry | His toughness | Always trying to win |


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