I want to circle back to something and clear something up. I am aware of what happened at UFC Fight Night 112 on Sunday night. For some reason, you creeps keep bringing it up, as if I wasn’t aware of what happened. But as always, just because I don’t talk about something doesn’t mean I’m not aware of something. I’m aware of it. I just chose not to talk about it because, frankly, I’m not sure I can trust you degenerates to handle the topic.

I am, of course, referring to the Felice Herrig-Justine Kish match and specifically, what happened in the third round when Herrig had Kish in a rear-naked choke. And she had that choke in deep. Roll it.

I’m not even sure how Kish stayed conscious; let alone how she got out of that hold and finished the fight. That’s one of the toughest, most impressive performances I’ve seen in a while. She was not going to give up. Kish looked like she was willing to pass out rather than tap out.

And, unfortunately, it appears that while Kish didn’t pass out, something else passed out of her. Yes, we can be adults about this…fecal matter. It appears that while she refused to give up, part of her body did give up and it left something on the canvas. And…? Your point is?

She was being strangled, fighting to stay conscious, and something that was entirely out of her control in that situation happened. Big deal. She had an accident. It happens.

Honestly, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often. And I’m surprised it’s a story after it happened this time. The bigger story is that she kept on fighting. She didn’t tap after the choke or what happened next. She kept on fighting. She showed why she had a 6-fight winning streak going into this match, because she doesn’t give up.

And if you’re looking to run in here with a tweet or email from Pete McNeely, you can stop right now. Not interested.

Kish went on to lose the fight in a unanimous decision, but she won the internet when she fired off one of the all-time great tweets: “I am a warrior, and I will never quit. #BleepHappens haha be back soon.”

Incredible. Absolutely awesome. That’s one of the worst days anyone will ever have at work and she just turned it on its head and went legend. Most people in that situation try to deny it. Or claim it was something else. Or refuse to address it. She took it head on and was awesome.

So, no, I’m not looking to hear from any of you wiseasses with your tweets or emails resetting some of your favorite topics about former Green Bay Packer running backs and laundry containers. Not interested at all. By the time you’ve figured out which zinger you want to thumb out or what reference you want to make, I guarantee I’ll have received a dozen others exactly like it. So don’t bother.

Nor am I interested in hearing from anyone who’s looking to crack on Kish. No chance. There’s no room for that. I won’t be tolerating that at all. She’s tough as hell. Because I guarantee you, that if a UFC fighter had a chokehold on any of you, the result would be the same. And probably worse. But I doubt you’d own it the way Kish did. She’s a legend. So I’m really not interested in any of your thoughts or reactions on the matter. I’m just telling you that I know what happened so you can stop hitting me up about the topic. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.


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