Hour 1

CP3 Trade To Houston | @JimIrsay | Love Daryl Morey’s Attitude


Hour 2

Bent Rockets Fan | Cubs Let Miguel Montero Go | Kevin Harvick (NASCAR) Interview


Hour 3

National Handshake Day  | Caleb Swanigan (NBA) Interview | Tom Thibodeau (NBA) Interview




Tom Thibodeau 

Minnesota Head Coach on Jimmy Butler giving out his phone number out at his introductory presser: “I just chuckled.”


Caleb Swanigan

Portland rookie shares his story with Van Smack.


Kevin Harvick

NASCAR Driver on if he thinks his Golf game could add years to his racing career: “Absolutely.”



CP3 Trade Aftermath

In the 24 hours since the Chris Paul trade was first announced, it’s changed. As in it’s gotten bigger and more complicated.
Click Here for Entire Take

Morey Is A Gamer

A lot of GM’s would look at what Golden State did last season and how that roster is built right now and say, well, looks like we’re playing for second.
Click Here for Entire Take


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