Coaching Team USA U-19 at the FIBA World Cup in Egypt this week didn’t stop Kentucky Wildcats Hall of Fame head basketball coach John Calipari joined The Jim Rome Show Friday on CBS Sports Radio and denied reports that he had someone reach out to the New York Knicks about their vacant President of Operations role after the organization parted ways with Phil Jackson.

At this point, Calipari just laughs at the yearly rumors of him leaving Lexington.

“Well, my phone blew up at 4:45 AM here, and I started looking like what in the world, and I just shook my head,” Calipari said. “I called my wife and said honey there’s nothing to this unless you called Jim Dolan, and she said she didn’t. So I called my son and said nothing to it, son. I had to leave a message unless you called Jim Dolan. Because the bottom line is talking to anybody at the Knicks doesn’t matter, it’s Jim Dolan.

“And you know what, I’m at Kentucky. I’m not going to reach out to anybody and you know what, on top of it, I have the best job. So I’m looking at this just laughing. But it’s every year, Jim. You know that. There’s I did this, or somebody contacted me or and it is what it is. I mean, I guess it’s good for headlines, but the reality of it is I’m over in Egypt. What am I? I’m on a different time frame right now.”

After an unsuccessful stint as head coach of the New Jersey Nets was ended with Calipari being fired in 1999, the 58-year-old was asked if he feels like he has any unfinished business in the NBA.

“I look at this right now, and all the things that have happened to me for me to feel that I have to do one more thing or I have to win more games than this other guy, I’m not in that mode,” Calipari said. “My mode right now is how many kids can I help, how many assistant coaches can I help become head coaches before I retire. Is there any chance that I can get 12 kids in that All-Star game, 12 players that I coached in the NBA All-Star game, if I could do that, then I’m going to feel fulfilled.”





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