If burning the jersey of a player who left town isn’t the most tired thing, then complaining about All-Star snubs is.

Every July, the laziest brand of radio is to crack open the mic, pull up the American and National League rosters and just run down the list of who did and who didn’t get in. There is nothing more boring than talking about who didn’t make the All-Star team. Unless the person talking is Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen.

Because he came out throwing high heat at All-Star voters. Not because he didn’t make it. He did. He’s fired up because teammates Corey Seager and Justin Turner weren’t voted as starters. And he knows exactly who to blame: “I’ll say it loud and clear again. It’s the Dodgers fans’ fault.”

BAM! Jansen’s fastball tops out in the high 90s, but he hit 110 on the gun with that. And it was going right at the chin of Dodger fans. I love that it prefaces it with “I’ll say it loud and clear again. It’s the Dodgers fans’ fault.” Like, don’t get it twisted. Don’t misquote me. It’s the Dodgers fans fault. D-O-D-G-E-R-S. And my name is Kenley Jansen, get that correct, too.

And he had more. “Addison Russell got voted in. Corey Seager was way better. It’s the same thing this year, I feel like.”

I don’t disagree. Russell is hitting .235 with 7 homers, while Seager is hitting .300 with 13 home runs. But at least Seager made the team as a reserve. Justin Turner and his .384 batting average are fighting it out for a final spot in the fan vote and Jansen believes that not only should he not have to do it this year, he should’ve been in the last two years as well: “J.T. deserved to be an All-Star for the last three years.”

I totally respect where Jansen is coming from and every teammate would like to have a guy have their back the way Jansen has Seager’s and Turner’s, but killing the fans like that isn’t the right way to go about it. And yes, I know there’s a long tradition of Dodger fans not exactly stuffing the ballot box for their guys, just as I know that the Dodgers are blacked out on millions of TV sets in LA because of the TV rights dispute.

So it’s kind of hard to kill the fans for not voting for guys when they literally can’t see the guys. Killing the fans for all-star voting is never a good look, but it’s especially bad when you’re killing them for not supporting guys they can’t see on television and haven’t been able to for years. The Dodgers haven’t been on TV locally since the days of Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez.

Kenley Jansen didn’t negotiate the TV deal, so I’m not going to kill him for that, but the fans didn’t negotiate it either. And no, we’re not going to get into a conversation about TV rights deals, because if there’s one thing more boring than All-Star snubs it’s television blackout rules.

But Jansen should at least be aware of it. I get you having your guys backs. In fact, I really like it. Just don’t kill the fans to do it.

The Dodgers lead the bigs in attendance, so obviously these are not bad fans. But killing them for not stuffing the ballot box is a bad idea.



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