I never expected to hit on a take about the Home Run Derby before the Home Run Derby. But then again, I never expected Logan Morrison to torch the thing either… Apparently he’s bent that he got snubbed for the Derby despite being tied for third in the AL.

Meanwhile, Gary Sanchez got the nod for being tied for 38th in the AL. Lomo has 24 home runs. Gary Sanchez has a baker’s dozen. If you remember, the Home Run Derby now has a time limit, which makes the thing watchable again… four minutes to blast as many bombs as you can. Lomo needed only a few seconds to blast one. “Gary shouldn’t be there. Gary’s a great player, but he shouldn’t be in the Home Run Derby.’’ … “I remember when I had 14 home runs… That was a month and a half ago.’’

FIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEEE! Damn… I remember when I had 14 home runs. That was a month and a half ago. Dude just crushed Sanchez like he was a four-seam meatball hanging across the middle of the plate. One swing, one knockout. Dude went from being designated hitter to designated bitter with one quote.

But if we’re being real… There are a few reasons why Gary made it in over Lomo. One… Gary is a better, younger prospect. Sure he only has 13 jacks, but that’s WITH missing a month of this season on the DL.

24 is a career high for Lomo. Sanchez blasted 20 in his rookie season alone. A rookie season that included only 53 games. Baseball is trying to promote the young stars of the game, just like any other sport would and should. That’s why the field is littered with Judge, Bellinger, Miguel Sano, and Gary Sanchez. Plus, there’s that whole market thing. At the end of the day, the Derby is entertainment. And ratings rule. People from all over the country will tune in for a Yankee. Unfortunately, a Ray is not necessarily Must See TV. For anyone. Even the geriatrics in Tampa.

But look, say what you want about the Derby. Say what you want about Lomo taking a flamethrower to it. But at least the guy WANTs to be in this dog and pony show. NBAers won’t touch the dunk contest with a ten foot pole… seems like the lineup every year is a bunch of guys who make you say WHO? And frankly, it’s not worth watching if you have to Google every name.

Or what about with the Shield? NFLers try to paper cut themselves or stub their toe out of the Pro Bowl. A free trip to Hawaii or Miami or Orlando or where ever the hell it is nowadays means nothing anymore. Just as the game means nothing to us anymore.

Look, Home Run Derby, is a tired, faded pig. But at least guys still want to be in that Tired Faded Pig. And if Morrison wants it that badly, give him his rocket launcher, and let his handpicked pitcher sit on a bucket and soft toss him some of those super balls that MLB insists haven’t changed.

I’m glad this guy wants in to the thing that no one wants to see; other than the 12-year olds who who are there, shagging those super balls.


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