Add another notch on Tom Brady’s belt. Super Bowl winning quarterback. Super Model marrying man. And now, soon-to-be best-selling author. Because TB12 spent his offseason penning his first book.

Well his first book that’s not a cookbook. And come September, you too can own “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve A lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.”

Simon & Schuster is publishing this manifesto. And now we’re going to get a “step-by-step guide to his personal practice,” covering everything from “strength training, hydration, nutrition, cognitive fitness and other lifestyle choices that dramatically decrease the risk of injury while amplifying and extending performance as well as quality of life.”

What the hell is going on in New England? First it’s the Hoody, who has spent the offseason turning his life into a press junket. Now it’s TB12. Both of these guys used to protect their process like it was the secret sauce and now they’re out there flaunting it — like some open-source life-hack and now they’re out there making it available to the masses, and letting everyone in. Letting you see what’s behind the curtain and, paying it forward to the rest of the world after crawling out of that 28-3 hole against Atlanta and winning another Lombardi.

You know what? I’m down. Count me in. In fact, I already pre-ordered this book. Because any guy who is better at 39 than he was at 22 is a guy who has some intel I need.  Any dude who cut an immaculate football field out of the side of a Montana mountain on his Big Sky estate where he’s running pass routes with Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola over the long holiday weekend, is a guy worth listening to. Believe me, I’ve been on the mountain. I know that mountain. And that’s the life we all want.

And as we approach another football season, what are we supposed to expect from the Patriots. We already know that the product on the field is going to be elite. But the Hoody has said more in the last four months than he has in the last 2 decades. TB12 just dropped the self-help book of all self-help books on us. And a Pats team that used to relish its reputation as Fort Knox, its use of the Dark Arts, its war with Rog, is now all but giving away their secrets.

And while you may hate the Pats, the Hood, TB12, and any book trying to give you life’s secrets, be honest: you know you’re buying it. Hell, I just did. Hardcover pre-ordered for 29.99.

You can hate this guy all you want, but don’t want to know what he knows? I know I do.



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