Another day and another ton of NBA news. Rudy Gay going to the Spurs. Vince Carter to the Kings. Dirk re-upping with the Mavs. Kelly Olynyk agreeing to a deal with Miami. And then there’s this tweet from Woj: “Restricted free agent Tim Hardaway Jr., has signed a 4-year, $71M offer sheet with New York.”

That is a hell of a move. A move that says one thing: WE ARE THE NEW YORK KNICKS!

There are so many different problems with this. Starting with the fact that as a player, Tim Hardaway Junior is not Tim Hardaway Senior. He’s not dropping the UTEP Two-Step on anyone and putting up 20 a night year after year after year. Instead, he’s averaged 11 points per game as a backup shooting guard.

Don’t get me wrong, Tim Hardaway Jr is a nice player and he’s coming off a decent year. But I’m not sure he’s the kind of guy that says, the Knicks are back. In fact, a lot of Knicks fans were thrilled when he was gone.

But he has improved since he left town. Is he 18 million a year good? You’re worth what someone will pay you and if that someone is the Knicks, you could be worth just about anything. And, as you can imagine, the New York tabloids took that news pretty well. The New York Daily News went with “Holy Sheet!”

But the worst part isn’t the fact that the Knicks are throwing around money in really strange ways. They’ve done that before, like signing a busted up and broken down Jo Noah for 72 million over four years. Or signing a busted up and broken down Phil Jackson for 60 million over five years. So the fact that they just offered a Brinks truck to Hardaway isn’t that weird. Nor is it weird that they offered him so much that it’s unlikely Atlanta will match. And I’m not surprised that they’re throwing 71 million at Hardaway just one year after they threw 52 mill at Courtney Lee. Or that they can’t seem to make up their mind as to whether they’re tanking or they’re trying to win.

No, the really weird part of this is that this is the same Tim Hardaway Jr. who the Knicks drafted in 2013. And then traded to Atlanta in 2015 for Jerian Grant. The Jerian Grant who was then traded for Derrick Rose. And now the Knicks will have to renounce the cap hold on Derrick Rose to reacquire Tim Hardaway Jr.. Time is a flat circle.

In other words, to acquire that which they gave up, they must get rid of that which they acquired in the first place. How very Zen. I thought the Zenmaster had been fired, because this is a very Zenmaster move. This is the very definition of playing yourself. And paying a ton of money for the privilege of doing so.

Nothing better than having to shell out crazy bucks to sign a guy you already had. Are they going to sign Bernard King next? What about Starbury or Stevie Franchise? Get Eddy Curry and Q Richardson back together again. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Because while you can’t predict anything, I can guarantee one thing: the Knicks are going to Knick and this time, they’ve almost out-Knicked themselves. I say almost, because I’m sure they’ll find a way to go even more Knick than we ever believed possible. Go New York Go!



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