A report dropped yesterday from the USA Today that LeBron James is “frustrated and concerned” with the Cavs offseason so far this summer. In other news: The sky is blue. Water is wet. Apple is a fruit. Phil Mickelson likes to gamble and Josh in Detroit is on hold.

I mean,  has there ever been a least surprising headline in the history of sports? I could have written this story at five different points this offseason without even needing sources. How the hell else would the best player in the world, set to turn 33 this December, feel right now?

All his team has done since getting Golden State’s steel toe to the back of the brain is start pouring gas all over Quicken Loans Arena—and Dan Gilbert has been hell bent on finding a bluetip so he could just burn the entire thing to the ground.

Of course, LeBron is pissed. Errrrrr “frustrated and concerned.”

While the Rockets brought in Chris Paul, and OKC dealt for Paul George, and the Celtics backed up the Brinks truck for Gordon Hayward—Cleveland countered by refusing to pay one of the league’s best GM—a guy in David Griffin who not only built a team that went to three straight Finals—but was also tight with LeBron. And they chased that by low-balling Chauncey Billups—the one dude they targeted to replace Griffin. And according to USA Today, LeBron is also bent that the David Griffin whack job came right as he was reportedly on the verge of landing Jimmy Butler.

One thing to take a Ford Pinto to the junkyard and feed it to the crusher—an entirely different thing to wreck your Lambo on purpose and leave it on cinderblocks.

Because the reality is—no team in the NBA has a better shot at knocking off Golden State than the Cavs. Or at least, HAD. And instead of closing the gap on the Warriors that was only three games wide last year and keeping that window open in the last few prime years of LeBron’s career, Dan Gilbert has personally slammed that window shut, and nailed and painted over it, all while telling LeBron not to let the door hit him on the way out.

Credit to Gilbert for doing what he had to do to bring LeBron back, giving him what he wanted and surrounding him with the talent he needed to get that ring for the Land. But now that he has it, he clearly isn’t going to commit or pay the price it would take to run it back all over again.

You may be good with that one ring he won for you, Dan, but LeBron clearly isn’t. And he will leave it again; you’ve ensured that based on what you’ve done this offseason. So get your comic sans font ready so you can blast out another screw you LeBron letter when he leaves, because he will.

And this time, when he does, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. The question is not will he leave again, but where will he go. Because this guy is not going to waste the last of his ring chasing years playing for an owner who is looking to bust it up instead of reloading it.



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