Yesterday’s 4pm deadline for long-term extensions for franchise players came and went without Washington agreeing to a new deal with Kirk Cousins. That wasn’t a surprise. What was a surprise was how they handled it. By releasing a statement that took a weird situation and made it worse. Much worse.

The team couldn’t wait to tell everyone that back in May, they had offered Cousins $53 million and a deal that “would have made him at least the second-highest-paid player by average per year in NFL history.”

And then added that his reps never made a counter-offer. Man, 53 million dollars sounds incredibly generous. Until you realize he’s due to receive 24 million this year and he’d make roughly 29 million next year under the transition tag. And 24 plus 29 equals 53.

No wonder there wasn’t much of a response from the quarterback’s representatives. The team didn’t make a serious offer and then chasing it with yesterday’s statement was a way of making him look bad, which is whack, when all he’s done is make them look good.

And then team president Bruce Allen laying out the team’s case about Kurt Cousins.

Six Kurts in a statement.

Did you seriously just refer to your starting quarterback as Kurt? Karl didn’t want any of that? No love for Kip Cousins? Kraig Cousins? Kev Kousins? Kareem Cousins? Kayden Cousins? Kanye Cousins? Kennesaw Mountain Cousins? Or maybe you were thinking of your great signal caller, Kent Nephews.

Way to go, Bryce Allen. Nothing says respecting your starting quarterback like calling him by the wrong name repeatedly, Bob. This is a really bad look for Brent Allen. What is happening in Washington? The Blaise Allen I know would never make a mistake like that. Sure, maybe Bodhi Allen makes a misspeak once or twice, but if I know Blake Allen the way I think I know Brady Allen, he would never do something like that.

Maybe that’s why Kirk Cousins’ reps never got back to you, because you made the offer to some dude name Kurt Cousins.

And if you thought that was the end of the embarrassment for the team yesterday, you’d be wrong yet again. Because when reached for comment about the fact that the team president had just called his starting quarterback the wrong name repeatedly, a team spokesperson told ESPN that it sounded that way because of Allen’s accent.

Wait, what? What kind of accent changes Kirk to Kurt? And if that really is his accent, it might be time to change it up. Maybe show that you care about your quarterback by changing the way you speak so that you can say his name.

It might be time for Bartholomew Allen to step away from these negotiations and let someone else step in, because Kirk Cousins deserves to be treated with the respect given to the other great Washington quarterbacks like Jonas Theismann, Don Williams, and MacGyver Rypien



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