The Redskins are swerving way out of its lane to let the fans know they have done everything they could to sign this guy long term, but that he prefers to play year to year instead.

Which is obviously garbage: playing in contact sport, where your career can end on any given play, of course, the guy doesn’t want to play year to year. What he wants his fair market value. What he wants is a contract that looks like the one he could get in free agency.

But since the Skins haven’t offered it to him, he hasn’t done what he wanted to do; he’s done what he had to do: play year to year; and become the first q..b ever to play under a franchise tag two years in a row.

So between butchering this guy’s name repeatedly and then trying to make him look greedy and unreasonable for not accepting what they offered him, the Redskins failed miserably. They lost the day.

Just like they do nearly every day. Not only do they handle this all wrong, they really couldn’t have handled it any worse. And now, Cousins, who has been an absolute pro throughout the entire thing, has the hammer in his hand instead of the other way around.  And he’s going to use it.

And it could have all been prevented had the team handled it differently. Then again, Redskins gonna Redskin. That’s a given.

Look, if you don’t want to give this guy what he’s sure to get on the open market, that’s fine. But don’t run him under the bus for being greedy. He’s not. He’s just looking for fair market value, and the Skins aren’t willing to give it to him. That’s why he’s not signed.

Not because he’s greedy. And if they’re not willing to give it him fair market value, someone else will. Maybe Sean McVay in Los Angeles, or Kyle Shanahan in Frisco. Or even the Arizona Cardinals.

The Skins could have this guy for cheaper, but they butchered it, and now are going to have pay even more to keep him. And if they don’t, trust me, someone else will.

And Cousins knows it… And that’s why he’s not signed… Not because he’s greedy.


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