Philip Rivers was asked on The Jim Rome Show Wednesday if he could ever see a scenario where he’d leave the Los Angeles Chargers to chase a Super Bowl ring with another team

The 13-year veteran didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I can say honestly I don’t ever see a scenario where that would be the case,” Rivers said on CBS Sports Radio. “I certainly don’t want to look into the future and say without a doubt I would never wish that or want that. I just don’t think you can make those type of guarantees, but I can say with complete honesty now, I don’t see that scenario. I do feel like it is very special to play in one place your whole career.”

As a matter of fact, Rivers said he was recently talking about how Hall of Famer John Elway finished his career with the only team he ever played for, the Denver Broncos.

“I would love to be able to finish as a Charger and certainly win a championship as a Charger,” Rivers said. “Elway, his name came up, and I said shoot, he played and didn’t win a Super Bowl till year 15 and he decided to come back and win it again.”

Rivers’ teammate, two-year veteran Melvin Gordon, recently said his goal is to get his quarterback and veteran tight end Antonio Gates “that ring before they step down.” Clearly Rivers was touched by his running back’s comments.

“It gives me the chills. Shoot, it could get me a little emotional about it, because I feel so thankful to be in the same place for so long to really to be able to develop so many relationships with so many people and players,” Rivers said. “I feel like we have a great rapport in our locker room from guys like Gates and myself at 36 and 37 years old with a guy like Melvin Gordon at 24 and Keenan Allen at 23, and Hunter Henry and the young guys, this big gap and not to get overly sentimental, but you don’t have the opportunity, none of us in that locker room would have ever met if not for the game of football.

“And there’s not many work places where myself at 36 is going to work with a Melvin Gordon, a Keenan Allen, a Jason Verrett, all of us guys come from so many different backgrounds with so many different places and cities and here we are in that one locker room, and they hear me talk about that a lot that love that you have for another and that care for one another, so it didn’t surprise me to hear that from Melvin after getting to know him the last few years, but it does mean something to you, and I’m glad he feels that way, and I likewise want to win it for guys like that.”

However, Rivers knows how hard it is to win a ring. No matter how promising the future looks for a team, you never really know.

“We made that first AFC Championship Game in the 2007 season and we were all banged up and hurt and didn’t get it done against New England that year. Shoot, Norv Turner even told me we will be in a bunch of these championship games, and we haven’t been in one since, because you just never know how hard it is to do,” Rivers said. “I feel like we are on the same page We have a close locker room, a close unique brotherhood and that part of it may be more important and exciting to me going into each year then anything.

“Yes, it’s about the wins and losses, but the people you get to share it with and be around everyday, we got a good group.”



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