Brian Windhorst and Woj reported yesterday that Derrick Rose is in serious talks to join the Cleveland Cavaliers. There was a time when the idea of LeBron and Rose linking up would’ve been huge news. Crazy news… Two MVPs linking up, creating a juggernaut in the East to rival the Warriors in the West. Of course that time was about six years and sixty injuries ago. Now he’s looking a one-year deal for the minimum.

What would the Cavs be getting in Derrick Rose? Who knows? I don’t even know if Rose knows. He averaged 18 points and nearly 4 ½ assists in 64 games with the Knicks last year. He’s unlikely to put up those kind of numbers with LeBron, Kyrie, and Kevin, but maybe he could offer them something. The crazy thing is, that he’s still only 28 right now, even if  his body seems like it’s 58.

This is a former rookie of the year and league MVP who should be in his athletic prime, but instead he’s looking at a minimum deal. Because there is absolutely no way of knowing how many games he can give you. And if you were looking to make a bet, you’d probably lay money on the fact that he’d get injured and miss huge chunks of the season, which isn’t something that you want when you’re trying to run down the Warriors.

Then again, I’m not sure if the Cavs are still trying to run down the Warriors. I know LeBron wants to chase the Warriors and another ring. But I’m not sure if Dan Gilbert has that fire. And if he does, he sure has a funny way of showing it.

It’s been quite the offseason for the Cavs. They got rid of their very successful GM, David Griffin, and then tried to replace him with Chauncey Billups, but he turned them down when their offer was way below market value.

And while the other big teams have been loading up, they’re doing their best to do pretty much nothing at all. According to reports, they were close to a deal for Jimmy Butler. And they were close to a deal for Paul George. And now they might end up with Derrick Rose. That’s just about the worst version of “want, settle, get” ever.

They wanted Jimmy Butler, they’d have settled for Paul George, and they might get Derrick Rose. That’s like wanting filet mignon, settling for a New York strip, and ending up with week-old ground beef left out by the dumpster.



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