Here’s something I’m not surprised to be saying: Hugh Freeze resigned yesterday as the Ole Miss head coach. Here’s something I never thought I’d say: Hugh Freeze resigned yesterday as the Ole Miss head coach because, according to Yahoo Sports, “the school found at least one call from the coach to an escort service on his school-issued cell phone.”

Let me repeat that. Hugh Freeze resigned because he made at least one call to an escort service on his school-issued cell phone. Given that the school is under investigation for 21 violations, I certainly could have seen Freeze resigning because of those violations, but I never imagined it would be for calling an escort service. From a University phone. And that’s not even the most insane part.

To really appreciate this whole story, let’s go back to last week when Yahoo Sports asked the school about a call at 8:34 p.m. On Jan. 21, 2016, to a Detroit number that is linked via various websites to a Florida-based escort service. That call surfaced as part of a lawsuit by former coach Houston Nutt, who is suing the school in part because of a smear campaign against him.

Freeze told Yahoo he didn’t know why the one-minute call to the escort service was on his record:  “I’ve got no idea, to be honest. I was in an 813 area code and that was a 313 number, I think that might have been a misdial. I don’t think there was even a conversation. There’s nothing to it.”

The old “misdialed the hooker” excuse. “These aren’t my drugs, I’m just holding them for a friend” can’t believe that Freeze went with that line. You just happened to misdial an escort service? What terrible, terrible luck. Notice that nobody ever misdials a plumber. Or a baker. Or an electrician. Or just a person. Or a number that was out of service. Nope, he got an escort service.

I just want to repeat that as dumb as his original excuse was, it’s still not dumber than the fact that he did it on a UNIVERSITY-ISSUED PHONE. My man wasn’t just calling up pros, he was doing it from a university-issued phone. Somewhere, Bobby Petrino is rubbing roadrash cream on his face and laughing at Freeze’s stupidity. Petrino wrecking his hog with his 25-year-old mistress on the back of it looks downright savvy compared to Freeze using a university-issued phone to call escort services. Paying by check and leaving some signed merch didn’t want any of that?

And before you say, it was just a one-minute call, it might actually have been a wrong number. Athletic director Russ Bjork said reviewing his phone records revealed a “pattern of conduct.” And that there would be no buyout or settlement because they were invoking the “moral turpitude” clause in his contract.

He added: “He admitted that conduct to us. None of us are perfect. Nobody in this room is perfect. I think we need to respect how he resigned and respect his privacy.”

To which I say: Ok. Yes. Yes. And hell no. Okay that he admitted his conduct to you. Yes that none of us are perfect. Yes that nobody in this room is perfect. But as for respecting how he resigned, HELL NO. He’s resigning because he was caught calling prostitutes from a university phone. What is there to respect about that? Especially since Freeze really wanted everyone to know that he’s a man of faith.

Let’s not forget, an Ole Miss recruit last season was asked by SB Nation about the negative recruiting being done against Ole Miss in light of the NCAA investigation and the recruit said: “Well, Coach Freeze told me when you’re that big and out there with faith in Christ, he’s like, ‘What do you expect? Jesus got nailed to the cross.’”

I really hope that was a miscommunication. Because I really don’t want to believe that Hugh Freeze was comparing Ole Miss to Jesus.

And before anyone even thinks about praising the school for their decision, let’s remember that they stood by him when the school was hit with 21 recruiting violations. Also worth noting, Houston Nutt’s role in this is incredible as well. The Nutt Man himself was accused of having an affair and of exchanging more than 1,000 text messages in less than two months with a local news anchor, and that if Freeze had apologized to Nutt for the smear campaign probably none of this ever comes to light.

So what is the moral of this story? That the undefeated, undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the History of the WORLD is…SEX! Oh and if you’re going to continue to bang everyone over the head with your faith, and still insist on pursuing hookers, next time, at least have the common sense to do it with a burner phone. Oh and one more thing, never ever, mess with or smear the Nutt.

What a freaking buzzkill… And just six weeks before they open the season… No head coach… No bowl this season…and a total lack of institutional control… But you think that’s going to stop all those tents from going up in the Grove?. Hell now… And most important, now the Mississippi Queen will have an excuse for day drinking!.



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