This is Smack-off Week. And in the spirit of Smack-off Week, Conor McGregor is letting the smack fly. Except it’s not at Floyd Mayweather… instead,  he’s going at another Smack Alpha…. Draymond Green.

Yeah, I said it. Draymond…Green.

How the hell did this happen? How are a UFC champ and an NBA champ spitting venom? Easy. Draymond instagrammed a pic of Conor wearing a Warriors 23 throwback jersey with the caption “We rocking with Floyd, bro, not you. Take that off, bruh.” 

Because Conor was going to just sit there and take that. Sure he wasn’t. And he fired right back saying, “That’s CJ Watson, mate. I don’t know who the bleep you are. No disrespect tho kid, keep hustling and stay in school.”

First off, I’d be shocked if Conor didn’t know who Draymond was, that’s why saying he doesn’t know who he is and saying “keep hustling and stay in school” is so funny.

Incredible that a former plumber’s apprentice is telling someone else to stay in school. But he wasn’t done. He chased that with:

“Now ask yourself why I’m rocking CJ when I don’t know or give a bleep about basketball. I dribble heads off the floor, not a ball. There is no game here, kid.”

I mean, where do I start? I dribble heads is a great line. There is no game here, kid – another great line, but I’m guessing that some of you are wondering why Conor’s wearing a CJ Watson jersey instead of Monta Ellis or a Stack Jack jersey or maybe even an Austin Croshere gamer.

Why? Well, that’s because Mayweather’s former partner Josie Harris allegedly traded romantic text messages with Watson. McGregor has always been the best at trolling, but throwing on the gamer of your opponent’s girlfriend’s man on the side is next level. That’s trolling 2.0. He’s taking apart some of the best trash talkers in every sport.

Draymond responded saying “hahahahaha that number won’t be worn again when I’m finished with it, clown! Gold medalist, NBA champ, all-star, DPOY, etc.!!! Hahahaha stop it boy! Nate Diaz (Bay Area stand up) whooped you in your ring! Money May about to destroy you!!! Take that warrior jersey off, bruh, you’re an incredible internet troll. We don’t rock with you! Go train, bum!!”

But the truth is, this isn’t about Draymond or Watson, it’s all about Mayweather. And really it’s about McGregor doing what McGregor does, taking his troll game to the next level. Will it work? I don’t know. I would have said that Mayweather is just too smart for that, but then you see him saying that he’s going to go toe-to-toe with Conor and you think for a minute, maybe, maybe it’s working.

But that’s not the truth. Floyd’s never really gone toe-to-toe and this sure isn’t the time to start. Saying that he’s going to turn a fight with McGregor into a brawl isn’t a strategy for winning a fight, that’s a strategy for selling pay-per-views… a strategy for getting people to believe that Conor actually has a chance of winning this fight.

But that’s not what Floyd is going to do. Why do you think he took this fight? Because he knows if the only way Conor can touch him is if he stands right in front of him. And that’s the last thing he’s going to do. Something that he’s never done with anyone else.  It’s just not what Floyd does.

Conor, on the other hand, is doing what he always does. Looking to get in a guy’s head, under his skin and running some of the most legendary smack ever  I don’t know that Conor can win a boxing match, but the next smack battle he loses will be the first. He’s the best in the world at that, and maybe the best there ever was.

This is Smack-off Week, but for Conor, every day is the Smack-off and he wins it every time.


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