Info & Stats: NY Post MLB Writer

All Topics: MLB Trade Deadline July 31st | Expects a lot of trading | Zach Britton | Los Angeles Dodgers | Clayton Kershaw | New York Yankees | Players available | Trades already

July 24th 2017

Joel talks with MLB Trade Deadline.



Oct 31st 2016 

All Topics: Aroldis Chapman in 7th | Chapman availability | Indians feeling | Francisco Lindor


Joel on Lindor comparison: “Lindor reminds me of Jeter.”



Jan 7th 2016

All Topics: Ken Griffey Jr.’s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame | Hall of Fame Center field criteria |  Jr. not getting 100 percent of the game | Mike Piazza’s induction | Piazza was a difficult decision | Paul DePodesta leaving the Mets for the NFL | DePodesta as a person

Joel on Ken Griffey Jr. nearly being a unanimous selection for the Baseball Hall of Fame: “He had everything you wanted in a Hall of Fame candidate.”



Jan 22nd 2015

All Topics: Max Scherzer signing with Washington | Washington owner Ted Lerner’s age having an impact on Scherzer sigining because he wants to win | Nationals starting rotation | Scott Boras has been good for the Washington Nationals | Jordan Zimmerman’s future in Washington | Washington’s bullpen | Bryce Harper’s career | Mike Trout making Harper look bad | Thinks Harper could still be a high end player if he stays healthy | Alex Rodriguez working out with Barry Bonds |

Joel on Bryce Harper not living up to his hype: “He’s 22, we should probably take a deep breath.”



Nov 25th 2014

All Topics: The Red Sox signing Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval | Ramirez and Sandoval add depth to the Red Sox lineup | Boston still needs starting pitching | Boston’s moves since July | Covering the Yankees for 8 seasons | David Ortiz | Yankees off-season | Masahiro Tanaka’s health | Yankees 2013 off-season | Alex Rodriguez’s return | Alex’s health | Alex and his cousin Yuri | Barry Bonds Hall of Fame chances | He votes on the Hall of Fame and has voted for Bonds

Joel on the Red Sox: “They still need to add starting pitcher.”



Apr 17th 2014

All Topics: Masahiro Tanaka’s poise is real | Tanaka’s smooth transition to the Majors | C.C. Sabathia | Sabathia is trying to learn how to pitch with what he has now | Michael Pineda | Pineda and Tanaka being young | Derek Jeter | 40 year old shortstops | Covering Jeter for two decades | Jeter’s privacy | Jeter’s confidence | Alex Rodriguez’s ego | Jeter and Mariano Rivera’s self-confidence | Daryl Strawberry | Two chapters of Strawberry’s career |

Joel on Masahiro Tanaka: “His poise is real.”



Dec 4th 2013

All Topics: The Yankees signing Jacoby Ellsbury and Brian McCann | The Evil Empire | The Yankees farm system is terrible | Yankees never re-build model | It’s harder now to rebuild through the Draft | Yankees putting pressure on Robinson Cano with the Ellsbury deal | The Yankees target OBP and lefty power | The market for Cano | Cano’s priorities | Seattle a possible destination for Cano | Cano is a great hitter | Alex Rodriguez  | Rodriguez’s fight against MLB | Alex being very pre-programmed | Thinks the Yanks want A-Rod to go away |

Joel on the New York Yankees: “Their farm system is terrible.”



July 26th 2013

All Topics: This week with Alex Rodriguez is the craziest situation he’s ever dealt with | 4 parties are involved in the Rodriguez situation | Rodriguez’s involvement with Biogenesis is multi layered | MLB’s possible punishment for Rodriguez | The evidence MLB has on A-Rod | Braun not fighting MLB | Would a 100 game suspension for Rodriguez be his death penalty? | Rodriguez turning 38 shortly | A-Rod wanting his money | A-Rod’s conference call with the Yankees yesterday | His message to A-Rod on steroids | A-Rod’s career | A-Rod’s place in history | Strategy for Alex Rodriguez right now | Possible lifetime ban for A-Rod | A-Rod should get in front of the train immediately | Pete Rose | Rose’s chances to get in the Hall of Fame vs. Rodriguez’s |

Joel on covering the Alex Rodriguez situation: “This is the crazy week I’ve dealt with.”



Oct 18, 2012

The NY Post Columnist on A-Rod: “He is a hard player to trade”



May 17, 2011:

Joel on Joe Girardi and Jorge Posada’s history: “They have had an uneasy relationship since everyone took sides in the late 90s on who could catch.”


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