Karlos Dansby

Info & Stats: Arizona Cardinals Linebacker

All Topics: Can’t complain at all about life | Coming back to Arizona | Finishing what he started in Arizona | Just winning | Larry Fitzgerald | Being drafted with Fitzgerald | Six-year old Karlos was a stud | Pick sixes | His fuel | Fitz

July 24th 2017

Karlos on life: “Can’t complain.”



All Topics: Off-season | Life is still good for Karlos Dansby | Talent level on this Cincy team | Signing with Cincy now | Almost signing with Cincy a few years ago | Super Bowl XLIII experience will always haunt him | Santonio Holmes | Just wanting to be a legend | Preparation and work | Wanting to break records | Johnny Manziel | Johnny is his guy |

June 7th 2016

Karlos on how life is: “Pretty good. Jim, I’m blessed.”


May 5th 2015

All Topics: NFL Draft | Advice to rookies | A lot of young players don’t want to work once they get to the NFL | Johnny Manziel | Manziel being distracted last season | Manziel is dialed in now | Manziel’s choice to get into rehab left a great impression on his teammates | God told him to go to Cleveland? | Charles Woodson asking him why he went to Cleveland | Leading by his actions | Business

Karlos on Johnny Manziel: “He’s growing up.”


Nov 14th 2014

All Topics: Life is still great man | Cold in Cleveland | Cincinnati game | All he knows about Cleveland is this year | Donte Whitner’s talk before the Cincy game | Talent and desire are equal | Skies the limit for this team | Being a visionary | He knows how this Cleveland dream goes | Brian Hoyer | Hoyer’s desire | Hoyer was born in raised in Cleveland | Being 2nd team All Pro last season | Edgerrin James | His relationship with James | His grooming products

Karlos on life: “It’s great right now.”


Dec 10th 2013

All Topics: Shout out to Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell | Scoring a touchdown | Catching footballs before and after practice | Tyrann Mathieu injury is devastating | Tyrann was putting in the time | Miami releasing him after last season | Business side of the NFL | Getting a phone call from Miami instead of a face to face meeting | It feels awesome to prove people wrong | Going back to Arizona | Miami taking money off my kids table | His house in Ft. Lauderdale | Never sold his house in Arizona | Trying to get his name in the Cardinals Ring Of Honor | Never been to a Pro Bowl | His business |

Karlos on Tyrann Mathieu’s injury: “Devastating.”


Nov 29, 2012:

Karlos updates Jim on his current lifestyle: “It’s a beautiful thing man.”

Dec 06, 2011:

Karlos on being the best linebacker in the game: “That’s me, that’s what I am.”


Sep 15, 2010:

Topics: 1st year in Miami | Totally different from Arizona | Even the time change was hard | New contract | Got a sack on the 3rd play of the game | We are just having fun in South Florida | It’s awesome to play in Mike Nolan’s system | Just trying to earn the guys respect in OTA’s | Being named captain | No Pro Bowls | Not worried about the Pro Bowls | Growing up playing football was not his choice | Was scared of being hit when he was younger | His father making him play | New York Jets | You got to let your actions speak for you | Minnesota this weekend | Vikings offense | We need to stop the run |



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