While the Cavs are imploding, the Warriors are continuing to do a worldwide victory lap. It’s hard to believe that it was just a few weeks ago that these two teams were on the same court and there was a thought that Cleveland might actually have a chance against Golden State. Now the Cavs are a complete and total mess and the Warriors are just clowning.

Like Klay Thompson going to China and going viral with one great moment after another, including missing a 360 dunk and falling on his back like a Life Alert actress.

Or Steph Curry going to China, clowning Klay with a missed 360 and then when asked about it saying, “hashtag China Klay.”

And then there’s Kevin Durant who is coming off his first championship and

Kelso Ball tweeted: ‘Hey @kdtrey5 I named my dog after you and he left me. What’s up with that?’

You see, Kelso is making a joke about the fact that Kevin Durant, who was a free agent last summer, decided that he would rather play for another team in another city. Really fresh stuff, Kelso. Not at all tired or stale.

But in case you’ve forgotten, KD checks his mentions every now and then. And KD will go. And he did in this case, firing right back with: ‘You must be a piece of [bleep emoji] if a dog chooses to live in the streets instead of your house.’

Please, KD, don’t hurt him. That is a vicious dunk. That’s taking off from the free throw line and throwing it right down on Kelso’s head. And the best part of it was that Kelso was so proud of himself for that joke he was practically turning to the crowd and mean-mugging before KD wrecked him.

Some other twitter dude tweeted: ‘@kdtrey5 how does it feel to know any of your followers could join the Warriors on the same contract, and GS would still win the finals?’

Durant came right back with: ‘So I should be grateful to be so lucky to be randomly chosen out of billions to be a member of the NBA champs? HA’

Normally I would say that guys like KD shouldn’t check their mentions, because it’s just a viper pit of negativity, and it can only end horribly for KD or any athlete who does.  But I’ll be real – I love it that KD checks his mentions.

How many other superstars are trading shots on Twitter? You don’t see Tom Brady or Mike Trout clowning guys on Twitter. They play it safe. They never say anything about anything, never let you inside. KD pulls back the curtain a little, which is what Twitter is supposed to be about. It’s not supposed to be about celebs who only tweet when they have something to sell. KD on Twitter is like those clips of KD from Rucker Park back in the day, playing loose and free against mere mortals, killing fools and making it look easy.

Usually the only athletes who trade shots aren’t the best of the best and none of them fire back like KD. I don’t recommend it for everyone. You’ve got to be good, no you have to be great at it. And most of the guys aren’t. Most guys who do it end up shooting themselves in the foot, but KD is just ethering one twitter clown after another.

Normally, I caution athletes about getting hooked by no lifers with absolutely nothing to lose… But I don’t need to waste that advice on KD, because he can obviously handle himself on the floor…and with a keyboard in front of him or a phone in his hand.

And if you any of you losers want to try KD, do it at your own risk… Then again, getting ethered by a hall of famer probably still is the best thing that could ever happen to a lot of you.


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