Kyrie Irving isn’t the first big name player to demand a trade and a lot of times, those trades don’t end up happening. That can happen for any number of reasons: cooler heads prevail, it was a leverage play, or they just find a way to make it work because a team doesn’t want to give up on a star player.

So it would be perfectly normal to think that would be what happens with Irving and the Cavs. No way they would actually trade a 4-time All-Star, freaky offensive player, who’s only 25, right? They have to figure out some way of calming the situation and making it all work.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case in Cleveland. Zack Lowe reported that the Cavs are approaching an Irving trade as “inevitable” and there is “little chance of salvaging their relationship with him.” I have four letters for that: U. H. O. H.

Sounds like it’s time to round up that group of G-list local celebrities to crank out a remix of “Please Stay LeBron” and turn this thing around, because you never want to hear the word “inevitable” attached to the possibility of trading a player like Kyrie.

You were never going to get fair value for him in the first place, but reports like that make it even worse. This is one of those situations where if you have to deal him, you want to deal him before anyone knows there’s a problem. Because the longer this goes, the worse it’s going to get both in that locker room and on the trade market. If he’s still with them when training camp opens, that’s going to be really difficult for everyone involved because that’s the only thing anyone will want to talk about. So a regular season that was already going to be a grind after three straight Finals trips will get that much worse.

But I’m sure the Cavs have a plan. If this summer has proven anything, it’s the Cavs know what they’re doing. They have a plan and they’re working it. Pretty easy for everyone to focus on the fact that they missed on Paul George, and Jimmy Butler, and Chris Paul.

But in the words of Arian Foster, people complain too much. Instead of killing them for letting a great GM leave and failing to replace him with their top target, and missing on three all-stars, and watching the Celtics add Gordon Hayward, and multiple teams in the West get better, how about we celebrate the fact that they signed Derrick Rose, Jose Calderon, and Jeff Green? Hello? Glass is half full, C-Town.

If I’m Kyrie Irving and I see those reinforcements arriving, I’m re-thinking this whole “demand a trade” thing. You get the chance to play with soon-to-be 36 year old Jose Calderon and a busted up Derrick Rose? Why would you want to walk away from that? Forget the fact that you’ve been to three straight finals, when there’s a chance to partner up with Calderon and his 3 points and 2 dimes per game, you grab that chance and squeeze the hell out of it.

I don’t care how terrible things have gotten with LeBron; you find a way to make it work so that you can be there for the 20 or so games that Derrick Rose will be in street clothes, resting his knees for future board meetings and graduations. You can’t put a price on that.

In other words, Derrick Rose is another signing that really won’t matter for the Cavs. Derrick Rose: are you kidding me? That’s your idea of jumping into the arms race with the league’s other super powers. Never mind the 18 a game he averaged for an embarrassing Knicks team last year; the guy’s barely even a starter at this point in his career.

There’s a reason he had to settle for a one year deal for the minimum; he’s a shell of his former self: in fact, he really doesn’t excel anywhere on the court anymore.

And the Cavs are getting exactly what they pay for in this guy. Namely, not a helluva lot.  And even worse than him having to settle for a one year deal is the guy actually thought he was worth a max contract. So he obviously sees himself one way while the rest of the world sees him another.. And he’s wrong, and we’re all right.

And if for some reason, if they do move Kyrie Irving and have to insert Rose into the lineup as a starter, it’s going to be ugly. Rose can’t do a fraction of what an in his prime Kyrie Irving can do. And the only reason the Cavs signed Rose is that their cap is completely jacked and they really didn’t have any other options. They didn’t sign this guy because they wanted to; they did it because they had to.

Tough enough for LeBron to log the minutes he logs, with the miles he has on them.  Even tougher to do with Derrick Rose on his back. Have fun with that King.




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