We are officially less than 24 hours away from the most important day of the Jungle. Smack-Off Day.

This year we’re on 23rd installment. Smack-Off … X… X… I… I… I.

When we started this thing almost a quarter of a century ago, never did I think the thing would grow to the behemoth it is today. Never did I think guys would team up together. Or fly across the country for this thing. Or fly BY MY BUILDING for this thing. Or hell, break into my studio MID-SHOW for this thing. All we were looking to do was create one show a year where WE got to pick the callers. I’ve always maintained, this show would be so much better if we could just pick who we wanted to call… Well, we can.  One day out of the year.

Let me say this again… We’ve been doing this for nearly A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. Smack-Off can not only legally drink, we’re two years away from the Smack-Off being able to rent a car.

If Smack-Off were a person, it’d be graduated from college working part-time at some temp agency just trying to make ends meet before getting legally booted off its parents’ health insurance.

Some of you have been there since day 1 in 1995. For others, this is your first experience. For those, let me help put this in perspective. The Smack-Off was born BEFORE Cody Bellinger, Lonzo Ball, Zeke Elliott, Connor McDavid, and Kristaps Porzingis.

Some of the greatest moments on this show are made on this day every year. Makes sense… 22 Smack-Off’s so far, at least a dozen callers per show… that’s hundreds of Smack-Off calls saved in our vault. Almost all of them live online, but even more live between your ears. This thing is more quotable than Wedding Crashers, Office Space and Caddyshack combined.

If you’re not in it, make sure you don’t miss a beat. You guys have been hitting me THROUGHOUT the week with HOW YOU’RE LISTENING.… just make sure you get to a radio early. Because it starts from the opening bell.

Two years ago, Brad in Corona started us off with the opening call and was the first clone to go wire-to-wire for the win. You don’t want to miss THE next big moment that we talk about for years to come.

It’s the Jungle’s Christmas Eve… Happy Smack-Off Eve. Except instead of getting ready for some bearded fat guy to break in to our house, we have to be on our toes for the Laguna Beach bully to slide down our chimney.


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