If you scroll your timeline before any major sporting event, you’ll catch just about every athlete thumbing out the same tweet…. “WHO YA GOT?” Doesn’t matter if it’s the Super Bowl or Cavs-Warriors. It’s become a must for pro athletes.… right up there with their sponsored ad tweets, their workout videos, daily motivational quotes and personal hashtags.

But I can’t knock them. At least not today… because I want to know the same thing.

Monday you clones came up HUGE with your response to HOW ARE YOU LISTENING? Hell, my Twitter notifications and email inbox are still getting flooded with answers… Today I want to know: WHO YOU GOT? As in who do you think is ripping the Smack-Off 23 crown?

You know the field. The Jungle’s bookie Stucknut already blasted you with the odds: Leff, Mike, Brad and Mark in Hollywood in that order. What about Kaleb? Chael? Maybe an old school clone like Carbone or Dan in D.C.? Or will you go off the board with maybe a Golden Ticket winner? Benny in Wisco, Tyler in Edmonton, R.T.N.?

Hit me on the phones: 1-800-636-8686… shoot me an email: rome@haveatake.com… orrrrr…

WHAT’S POPPIN’ TWITTER? Tweet @jimrome, hashtag it #Smack-Off.


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