The Big3 is getting ready to kickoff the first playoff in league history this weekend in Seattle, Washington’s Key Arena. League founder Ice Cube joined The Jim Rome Show on Monday and shared his excitement of a successful inaugural regular season.

“It’s been a lot of hard work, of course, but all that hard work is paying off because at the end of the day, we are getting hard-nose basketball in the summer. Guys are going after it,” Ice Cube said on CBS Sports Radio. “This format is great. It’s something we are all use to because we all grew up playing 3-on-3 basketball and everybody can see the vision of where this league can go, and how it can grow and what it can become. And this year, we had what I call the believers, the guys who saw the dream and helped it come through.”

Cube was asked if the inaugural season’s success could lure former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant onto the court next summer for the league’s second season.

“I mean, it’s nothing I can say to convince him to play, it’s really on him. He has to feel the itch,” Cube said, before adding, “We are presenting a great product for any NBA player, not just Kobe, but any former NBA player who still has the itch to compete at that level, in front of a crown, in front of live television audience worldwide. If you’re feeling it, here we are, that’s what the league is for. For guys to continue to play on that high level.

“So we’re hoping to present a product that is so good you can’t resist, and we believe a lot of guys who took backseats this year to see what we were going to do are going to join the draft pool and be part of the league next year.”

At yesterday’s Big3 event in Los Angeles, the actor beat Lonzo Ball’s outspoken father, LaVar, in a four-point challenge contest, something he was still taking pride in a day later.

“Man, that’s easy money. Look, the Staples Center is my house. Ain’t nobody going to come to my house and beat me in my house on my court,” Cube laughed. “No, no it was fun. I commend LaVar for coming out there. He was a good sport about it.

“To me, he’s put so much more excitement into Laker basketball right now, not him (LaVar), but his son. But the whole style is so L.A. to me, so I just can’t wait to see his son on the court. And I love beating him, because he has a big mouth, so I had to shut that mouth.”

Cube also compared the events in Charlottesville over the weekend, Nazi’s marching in broad daylight, to an STD.

“It’s terrible, but you know it’s something this is the ugliness of racism. It’s not pretty, its ugly. It’s elusive. It hides, and it pops out, like herpes or something. It just pops out all out of nowhere,” Cube said.

“So it’s kind of crazy to see this on a high level. I heard like it was only a few arrests out of that mayhem. It’s like let’s get these thugs off the street, lets clean up this thing. To me, the monument going or staying who could give a damn to me, I could care less. People getting hurt over it, that’s just crazy. That’s just crazy. To me, it just makes no sense for people to get hurt for that thing that’s been there so long, and who gives a damn about a Robert E. Lee statute or whoever the hell he is? Who cares?”




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