Info & Stats: 89

All Topics: Retirement | New job with NFL Network | Approach to new job | Ezekiel Elliot suspension | Hall of Fame | What it would mean to make the Hall of Fame | His drive | Golf game | Staying in shape

Aug 14th 2017

Steve on if he was elected to Hall of Fame: “It would be one of my goals for my career from the start.”



May 13th 2016

All Topics: Celebrating his 37th birthday yesterday | Did nothing yesterday | His two-year old son | Decision to come back for another year | Tearing his Achilles | Life after football | Money | Learning about money | Teaching his kids | No expectations for this season just going to have fun | His draft class of 2001 |

Steve on his decision to come back for another season: “I needed some time to think through it.”



Sep 24th 2013

All Topics: Life is good | Beating the New York Giants 38-0 | The defense playing big against Eli Manning | Cam Newton | Proving yourself | Friendship | The media taking a run at one of his guys | The criticism Ron Rivera has received | Not wanting to be the guy that costs someone else a meal | Loves coach Rivera | Rivera’s demeanor | Sense of urgency | His professional clock | Wanting to leave a legacy that is generational | Ronde Barber saying he was the toughest guy he ever went against | Champ Bailey in 2003 | Learning from Bailey | Being a student of the game | His future after football | His son plays soccer | Doesn’t want to embarrass his son |

89 on his career: “My professional clock is ticking.”



Apr 26, 2012:

Steve’s motto right now: “Happy wife, happy life.”


Sep 20, 2011:

Steve on Cam Newton: “Cam will be as good as Cam wants to be.”



Apr 01, 2010:

Topics: Exploring and doing different things; traveling this year | Spending more time with his family; wanting to accomplish other things; foundation | Enjoyment of the sport and business | Getting mad over not being invited to events for accomplishments; “what if” factors | Enjoyment of the journey | Problems associated to his decision | Getting older, wanting to enjoy the game | Not losing his edge | Sitting in Australia, thinking about being 18 yards short of 1,000 yards | Being stuck in a box, not reacting to be called out at times | Just making Jake Delhomme smile and picking him up | Not being something he is not, “am what I am” | Villain role; husband and a father; professional football player | Jake Delhomme cut from the team | Driving pass the Taco Bell he worked at in L.A. | Learning more about his family and wife; not fooling himself | Life after football; living in Europe | Raising his kids there? | Better chance he’ll be a number one than winning the lotto.



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