8/15/2017 Eldrick, Bennett, Manfred

Hour 1

Tiger’s Drug Game | Rob Manfred (MLB) Interview | Eldrick’s Drug Preferences


Hour 2

Jared Lorenzen (JL Project) Interview | Lorenzen Reaction | Michael Bennett’s Stand


Hour 3

Mike Gundy (College Football) Interview | Gundy Reaction | Clone Drug Experts Weigh In On Eldrick’s Drugs



Rob Manfred

Commissioner on MLB’s pace of play: “No one is in favor of dead time.”


Mike Gundy 

Ok State Head Coach on Bob Stoops’ retirement: “Surprised but not shocked.”


Jared Lorenzen

Jared’s reaction to weighing 502 pounds: “Not funny anymore.”



Tiger Slam Of Drugs

Hey, remember Tiger Woods?
Click Here for Entire Take

Stanton Hits 43rd

The Pride of the 818 is at it again.
Click Here for Entire Take

Kap’s Conversation Continues

This is a huge Michael Bennett house. In fact, this is a huge Martellus Bennett house.
Click Here for Entire Take

The Legend Of Kyle Schwarber

Take a seat and let somebody who can actually get wood on a ball get an at-bat.
Click Here for Entire Take


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