Info & Stats:  Former NFL Quarterback

All Topics: Jared Lorenzen Project | Explains Project and how it came together | His weight | Growing up with bad food | Always battling his weight | Going 10 years without stepping on a scale | Weighing 502 pounds | Ending of his NFL career | His kids | Support

Aug 15th 2017

Jared’s reaction to weighing 502 pounds: “Not funny anymore.”



Feb 4th 2014

All Topics: Back on the field again | If he knew he’d have gotten all this attention he would have changed his shirt | Seeing Jim’s tweet about him | A really crazy day | His weight now is around 320 | Loves the sport of football | People can hate but I’m having so much fun | Life since retiring from the NFL | Selling copy machine’s now | CIFL | The makeup of CIFL players | I’m bigger than all of my lineman | Was born at 13 pounds 3 ounces | Absolutely loves his nicknames | His favorite nickname was J. Lo |

Jared on playing in the CIFL: “People can hate but I’m having so much fun.”



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