It’s been a minute since we’ve checked in on Hugh Freeze. Seems like just yesterday that he was getting run out of Oxford, Mississippi for that one minute phone call that he made to an escort service. You know, the mysterious call that was on his phone records, but he couldn’t quite explain and told Yahoo it was a wrong number: “I’ve got no idea, to be honest. I was in an 813 area code and that was a 313 number, I think that might have been a misdial. I don’t think there was even a conversation. There’s nothing to it.”

I’ve always said, that was the worst coincidence ever. A simple wrong number that happened to go to an escort service. Daman, the luck, right?

Well, come to find out, it wasn’t bad luck. And it wasn’t an accident. And it wasn’t a one-off either. The Wall Street Journal started to analyze the phone logs and wouldn’t you know it, a pattern emerged and that pattern involved Freeze’s travel plans. First of all, you know you’re in trouble when a journalist is starting to match up your phone records with your travel plans and old Hugh was in a bit of trouble.

According to the Journal “the university’s investigation uncovered “calls of a similar nature” over the course of several years, often matching up with travel logs showing the coach’s use of the school plane. The school said it examined his travel logs from peak recruiting times—often November, December and January—when Freeze would travel out of state, using the school plane and other public resources.”

Wait. Stop. I’m confused. I thought that call to the 313 number was a misdial. And now we’re being told that Hugh Freeze was doing this on a regular basis, over the course of several years? Seriously?

You’re telling me the same Hugh Freeze who led with his faith and religion, with everyone he’s ever met and spoken to… and was telling everyone how clean they were doing things at Ole Miss was regularly calling escort services on a school phone, while on school business, and maybe even from the school plane? No way!! A man of his faith, rolling like that?? Absolutely unreal.

And even more amazing is the fact that it was lining up with the peak recruiting periods. So while most coaches were pounding the pavement to find recruits, he was pounding the keys on his phone to do a different kind of recruiting. Urban Meyer was out there doing whatever he could to link up with blue-chippers and Hugh was looking to hook up with strippers. Allegedly. Nick Saban would be closing in the living room and Hugh Freeze was closing in the bedroom.

And again, this is the same guy who couldn’t wait to tell you about his faith. What a massive fraud. A few weeks after this all came to light and I still can’t figure out what’s dumber – the fact that he was doing it or the fact that he was doing it with a school phone, while on school business.

Seriously. Shouldn’t he have been out looking for a five-star tight end… not a five-star tight end? Heeyyyyyyy ooooooo.

Oh, and then there’s this detail from the athletic director that Freeze had called “other phone numbers that when you Google them pull up similar type websites.” My man, have a bit of tact.

I mean, next time you decide to torch your career and reputation by calling escort services while you’re supposed to be recruiting, mix in a burner phone and maybe you don’t call websites that can easily be googled. I’m not here to advise you on how to be a total fraud and escort service fiend, but pretty much everything you were doing was wrong. Really, really wrong.


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