Yesterday’s Woj Bomb on the state of the Cavs was just another day in the never-ending train-wreck that is the Eastern Conference Champs offseason. Now a report comes from veteran hoops insider Chris Sheridan that an NBA source tells him: “This will be LeBron’s final season in Cleveland. He is 100 percent leaving. Relationship with owners beyond repair.” 

So Dan Gilbert’s master plan — find a way to get LeBron to stay, trade away Kyrie Irving for something close to equal value — and somehow not turn Cleveland into a bottom feeder — seems to be going pretty much the exact WRONG direction. And of all the people weighing in on the state of the Cavs, all the gawking and rubber necking as they drive by that blazing inferno on Lake Erie, it’s the guy who buried them in the NBA Finals who has the clearest take on things — Warriors star Kevin Durant.

Because KD did in less than 140 characters what Dan Gilbert’s burned millions of dollars trying to do. Understand that it may technically be his Gilbert’s team. But LeBron owns it.

KD and rapper Little Dicky were talking Cavs hoops on Twitter yesterday and KD killed the idea that Cleveland could trade away LeBron now and get something for him.

“u can’t trade a legend. He is Cleveland, he gets to hold the cards.”

In case that wasn’t clear enough, KD had to drop another truth bomb on Lil Dicky, who countered: “If I’m him, I despise Gilbert for a variety of reasons. If I’m Gilbert, I’m getting something back this time. He gone.” 

And once again, KD thumbed out more logic than Gilbert’s shown in years:

“I feel what you’re saying. Most owners think that way, but then you realize it’s LeBron James.

And that’s the rub. Because this isn’t a negotiation. This isn’t even a game of poker. It’s LeBron doing whatever the hell LeBron wants, WHEN he wants, and Gilbert sitting around and hoping for the best.

And again, make no mistake: LeBron’s got every right to do that. He’s the one with the no trade clause. He’s the one with the player option. And Gilbert’s the one who should be finding ways to make-up with the guy who came home and hand-delivered a championship to Cleveland, not flexing and reminding everybody that he’s the owner.

Because you can tell everybody and anybody that you’re still the smartest and most powerful person in the room. But even the guy who put the dagger in the Cavs during the Finals can see what’s obvious. LeBron “is Cleveland. He gets to hold the cards.”


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