Hour 1

That’s Two For Blake | Mike Scioscia (MLB) Interview | Danika In Jacksonville Goes Legend


Hour 2

Paul Chryst (MLB) Interview | Jay Cutler Is Back | Conor vs. Floyd


Hour 3

Cameron Smith (College Football) Interview | Cards Cat | Week That Was



Mike Scioscia

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Manager on Mike Trout: “Won’t be content until he gets that World Series ring.”


Paul Chryst

Wisconsin on promoting Jim Leonhard to defensive coordinator: “Feel really good with where Jim’s at.”


Cameron Smith

Trojans junior on playing linebacker at USC: “An honor to be a linebacker now.”



That’s Two For Blake

I made history earlier this week by opening the show with Blake Bortles and the Jacksonville Jaguars. And the only thing crazier than doing that once is doing it twice in the same week.
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Jay Cutler Is Back

Scoreboard: perhaps the single oldest concept discussed on this show.
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Pressure Is On Floyd

If Floyd cares at all about how he looks and it’s about his pride and not just stacks of cash, he’ll be looking to take Conor out.
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