Scoreboard: perhaps the single oldest concept discussed on this show: hell, probably the single oldest concept in all of sports… And the most important… And the most binary… Someone wins, someone loses. Period.

And I don’t give a damn about anything else… Anytime someone calls or tweets and cries about the officiating, or injuries, or that the better team didn’t win, I say the exact same thing: scoreboard… Scoreboard!. Look up at it.. They won… You lost… End of discussion.

The scoreboard ends every single discussion… And it never lies… Or at least I’ve always believed that. Until last night.

Because the scoreboard read Ravens 31 Dolphins 7. And I’m not sure Miami really lost that game. And that Jay Cutler didn’t win it.

Because it also says Cutty went 3-6 for 24. Which sounds complete Bortles-esque. But if it sounds like one of the worst games ever, why did it look like one of the best. Cutty probably strolled off the field after his couple of drives, went back to the still burning heater he had stashed in an ashtray on the bench and told Adam Gase, “not my fault!”  Not. My. Fault.

And you know what? He’d be right. Because my man was rocking and rolling. Throwing darts. Moving at tempo. And already getting a helluva more out of Devante Parker than Ryan Tannehill did all of last season. You see him checking it down to Jay Ajayi? Throwing that absolute frozen rope on the move to the sideline that went for 31 yards only to have it called back for a hold.

Hell, and for a guy who has had his toughness questioned in the past, he went completely badass bouncing right up off the turf after getting absolutely planted.

What I’m saying is, it took about 10 seconds of seeing Cutty doing Cutty things to know this guy wasn’t ready for the broadcast booth.

The question now isn’t can Cutty do it, it’s why should Tannehill even bother rehabbing, because he’s not getting his job back. Not with Cutty spinning it the way he is.

Look out AFC. Jay Cutler’s back. And it’s all set up for him: a coach he knows and has had success with. Weapons across the field like Parker, Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills and tight end Julius Thomas. And a ground game with a bowling ball like Jay Ajayi.

Hell, South beach. You see Cutty in his postgame threads?? It looked like bottle service and a limo was waiting.

I know, I know: pump the brakes Rome. It’s only the preseason. For you, maybe. But not for me. And definitely not for Cutty, who looks like he’d been with the Dolphins for years, not days. And I love what I see. You hate it, but I love it.




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