With the kickoff of the 2017 NFL season quickly approaching, NFL Network analyst and writer Jeff Chadiha joined The Jim Rome Show Monday and was asked if he thinks veteran free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick would play in the league this year.

“I don’t, and I started coming around back in May after Blaine Gabbert signed with Arizona, and Ryan Fitzpatrick was picked up, and you say these quarterbacks that were getting jobs, who he had played better than, who he had a better resume than,” Chadiha said on CBS Sports Radio.

The senior writer for NFL.com believes some NFL owners wouldn’t want Kaepernick on their team but doesn’t believe they all colluded to keep him out of the league either.

“I think there’s a certain tier of owners that are not going to take him, but there’s also owners who would probably take him because they feel confident in their head coaches,” Chadiha said. “I think if Alex Smith wasn’t a quarterback here [in Kansas City], Colin Kaepernick might be a backup option because [Andy Reid] took Michael Vick. But the biggest thing nobody talks about is for Kaepernick to get a job, he has to have people believe in him and trust him and support him, and the last three coaches who coaches him are not in the NFL.”

Chadiha said Kaepernick still has the ability to play in the league.

“I think it’s all about his conduct,” Chadiha said. “People can say what they want to about his numbers, they can say what they want to about how he fits into an offense. There’s plenty of coaches out there who feel like they can make any quarterback work if he has talent and ability and he’s done enough in this league and played in enough big game to warrant that.

“Talking to Michael Vick this summer, he made a good point that he’s going to have to go to someplace as Vick did where’s he’s the third quarterback where he is not getting paid a lot of money, and things can die down and find his way back up an NFL depth chart. That’s the only way it’s going to happen. I’ll be honest, I’d rather see the guy talking. Because I think one thing he never really did a good job is articulating his message. What he wants, what he believes, and if he can get in front of a camera, that might help suede some people about his future in the NFL.”

Chadiha has his theory on why Kaepernick hasn’t spoken publicly more about his current situation.

“I think he is a man of his actions,” Chadiha said. “I think he believes what he is doing, going all the way back to kneeling and sitting down, is more demonstrative than words. I think he is probably still caught up believing what he is doing is important, and I believe what he is doing is important, that he’s not trying to curry favor, he’s not trying to sell people on who he is, he’s probably thinking he’s got a resume out there who people can look at and they can decide what they want.

“I did a big documentary on him for NFL Network and the thing that really jumped out for me about doing that was, from every player we talked to, from Malcolm Jenkins to Brandon Marshall the linebacker with the Broncos to Kenny Stills and some guys with the Dolphins, they were way more impressive in saying what they were thinking what they were trying to accomplish. I think Kap, to his detriment, he ticked off people about the anthem. He ticked off people who care about the military. He ticked off policemen and he’s never been able to recover from that. Look what Michael Bennett did when he sat down. First thing he said was I’m not anti-American, I’m not anti-this, anti-that. I’m about love, and I think that alone buys you a lot of political capital when you do something like this.”



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