Tiger Woods is back in the news. And shock of all shocks. It doesn’t have anything to do with golf. According to TMZ, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are part of the latest wave of hacked nude pics. Yep, Eldrick, Lindsey, and Katharine McPhee, among others are threatening legal action against those who stole the pics and anyone who posts them. As well they should.

According to TMZ, the pics were stolen off Vonn’s phone and had been exchanged when they were dating.

So just to recap Tiger’s year: DUI. Pill addiction. And now leaked nudes. That’s triple crown of misery. The guy who used to run off one major after another is now running off one major scandal after another. Seriously, this guy was going to run down Jack? This is the guy everyone was convinced would take down the Golden Bear?

That sounds more like the rapsheet of a former boy bander or failed Mouseketeer than the guy who was going to become the greatest golfer ever. Sounds more like he should be hanging with Lindsay Lohan and Shia Labeouf than Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. You read that resume and it feels like a child star who freaked out and melted down in the spotlight. And that’s kind of what he’s looking like right now. Someone who burned really bright and really hot as a child, lived a really weird life from a very young age, and now that it’s over, is having a really hard time adjusting.

Any other guy and we’d be saying, whoa, this dude’s in major trouble. But that’s the crazy thing. Tiger has fallen so far that we hear that and just shrug. It wasn’t that long ago that if there was a report about leaked Tiger nudes, that would lead the show and would be the entire show. Now it’s practically a shoulder shrug and a, hey, it happens, it happens to us all.

Except it doesn’t happen. And it definitely doesn’t happen to us all. This all seems to happen to Tiger. There was a time where everything the cat touched turned to gold, where he could do nothing wrong. But ever since he wrapped his car around a tree and napped it out in the street, everything he touches turns to crap. And it just keeps getting worse.

And no, this latest thing, isn’t really his fault. He and Vonn are the victims here. Some scumbag, or scumbags, stole from them. It’s a despicable crime and all the blame for it goes to the degenerate who perpetrated it, not Tiger or Lindsay. And I know the argument that if he’s a celebrity and he doesn’t want nude pics to get out there, he shouldn’t take nude pics. Right. Whatever.

He didn’t leak the pics and neither did she, allegedly. This was a crime. And if someone broke into his house and stole a TV set, nobody would be saying, if he didn’t want his TV stolen he shouldn’t have purchased a TV.

So while the blame for the DUI, the toxicology report as long as a 9-iron but this is not, it doesn’t lie with him on this one. But that doesn’t mean it’s not surprising that he’s in this situation. Because it’s not surprising at all. The only surprise here is that it’s no surprise.



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