I’m officially entering stage of becoming numb to the Dodgers season. It’s that freaking absurd. Seriously, I’m running out of ways to describe the freak year they’re having. But I’m a pro. So let me try:

Last night in Pittsburgh, the Dodgers snapped their biggest losing streak since July 21st1 game.

That’s right—this team hasn’t lost more than one straight game in a month. So when they were down 3-0 to the Pirates last night—it was almost a foregone conclusion that their brand new addition, Curtis Granderson, would do this:

Why not? Why the hell not? Forget getting acclimated. Just go yard for a salami in your third game with a new team. And, of course, that dinger was historical—because everything about this Dodgers season is historical. Grandy-Man became the first player in Major League history to hit a grand-slam twice in a four day span for two different teams.

But the game needed even more magic which the Dodgers haven’t been short on all year. Enter Yasiel Puig in the top of the 12th in a 5-5 game.

Remember when this dude was trade-bait? Remember when he was an albatross that they couldn’t wait to get rid of? That game-winning jack job is his 22nd on the year—a career high for Puig and the same amount of homeruns he had in 2015 and 2016 combined. Oh, and it was his second game winning hit in a week.

Here’s the number that tells you everything you need to know: The Dodgers have a .714 winning percentage after a loss—meaning they’re winning just over 71% of the time they’re coming off a loss. That’s like the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors. And this a baseball team we’re talking about.

Again, I’m running out of ways to put into words just what the hell this team is doing on a nightly basis. But unfortunately for me they’re not running out of ways to win. And until they do, I’ll be here ready to react to what might the best baseball team I’ve ever seen.



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