Hour 1

College Football Weekend | Doug Baldwin (NFL) Interview | Von Miller (NFL) Interview


Hour 2

Brock’s Return To Denver | Le’Veon Bell’s Return | Julio Daniel Martinez


Hour 3

Tennessee’s Stupid Trash Can | Antonio Brown (NFL) Interview | Parody Larry Breaking A Jungle Record



Doug Baldwin

Seattle Wideout on the team trading his friend, Jermaine Kearse to the Jets: “It’s difficult. We’re not robots we’re humans too.”


Von Miller

Denver Outside Linebacker on opening their season against the Los Angeles Chargers: “This is probably the best Charger team I’ve played since being in the National Football League.”


Antonio Brown

Pittsburgh All-Pro on Ben Roethlisberger this season: “A guy who is on a mission.”



All-Time Bizarre Game

How insane was it? If you listened to Twitter, Jim Mora was going to be fired at halftime and Josh Rosen should quit the game of football.
Click Here for Entire Take

Return Of The Brock Lobster

Brock Osweiler was dumped by the Browns and now he’s back with the Broncos.
Click Here for Entire Take

Lamest Gimmick Ever

A lot of teams have their own sideline gimmicks to motivate players.
Click Here for Entire Take


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