The results of the last six meetings between Arizona and Los Angeles: 6 wins for the Diamondbacks, 0 for the Dodgers. And the current streaks that both teams are riding: a 13-game winning streak for the Diamondbacks and a 6-game losing streak for the Dodgers.

The artists formerly known as the greatest Dodgers team I’ve ever seen, possibly the best baseball team I have ever seen, have now lost 6 straight and 11 of 12. They weren’t just swept by the Diamondbacks twice in the last two weeks, they were barely competitive in those games and somehow managed to drop three of four to the Padres as well.

And yes, Dodger fans, I know your fingers are getting itchy on the panic button. You want to hit it. Hell, you want to get a giant county fair mallet and smash it to pieces. And all along, I’ve been saying that it’s not time to panic. And it’s still not.

They didn’t forget how to play and they can snap out of this funk as quickly as they got into it, but we’re past the point of denying that there’s a problem. When you lose 11 of 12 in late August and early September, there is most definitely a problem. Especially when you’re getting clobbered by an Arizona team that you might end up seeing in the postseason.

I know this Dodger team is a very confident group, but you think deep down they want to see Arizona right now in a postseason series? I doubt it.

They’ve chopped 10 ½ games off their division lead in just 12 days. That’s incredible. Truly incredible.

I’m not saying we’re at this point yet, but this almost has a whiff of the legendary Red Sox beer, fried chicken, and video game collapse of 2011. But the Sox started their swoon later, so if you’re a Dodger honk, you can take comfort in the idea that the boys in blue are getting this out of their system earlier. Or that they’re going to have an even greater collapse…

Clayton Kershaw is going tonight against the Rockies and they need him tonight as much as they ever have. He stopped their losing streak at 5 games last Friday and they’ll need him to stop the six-gamer tonight. And it says here that he probably will. He’s Clayton Kershaw. Why wouldn’t he?

But the problem is the rest of the rotation isn’t Clayton Kershaw and after an excellent four months, it seems that they’ve all remembered that at the worst time. Actually, the last two nights, when they lost 3-1 on Tuesday and Wednesday, they haven’t been terrible. But in the ten games before that, Dodger starting pitchers have been 1-7 with an ERA over 7, giving up 11 homers and 20 walks.

I’m no Sabermetrics wiz, but that’s not good. Not good at all. Especially since those stats include the Kershaw start that the team actually won. And even more concerning when you remember that as incredible as Kershaw is, he can’t actually pitch every game in the postseason.

But as much as Dodger fans are gripping, Dodger manager Dave Roberts isn’t throwing chairs or freaking out. He’s calling off batting practice and making sure guys spend more time with their families: “I think most people would go Bobby Knight, or start yelling at the team, so I think I’m gonna go the other way.”

Agreed. And considering how his team is playing right now, it would be cool if his players went the other as well and started winning.


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