What in the hell got into Alex Smith? A quarterback who might as well have “GAME MANAGER”¬†tramp-stamped onto his low-back just went out and torched the Patriots. The guy with the Dodge Caravan pulled into his two-car garage, windshield touching the tennis ball to make sure he gets it all the way in but doesn’t smash the bikes, just ripped out of the driveway in a ‘Vette, rocking black jeans, cut off sleeves and Marlboro reds.

Who the hell was that guy quarterbacking the Chiefs last night? Not Alex Smith. Because the King of the check-down doesn’t drop 368 and four touchdowns on the defending champs. The guy the Chiefs liked so much that they traded up to draft Pat Mahomes in the first round doesn’t go BOMBS AWAY downfield and throw 75 yard DARTS like THIS ONE to Tyreke Hill.


That was a 50-yard throw, on a line, to one of the fastest guys in the NFL. FIFTY YARDS. If Alex Smith throws for 50 yards that usually means he converted 10 straight 3rd and 4s. But after throwing a total of TWO 75-yard touchdown passes in the first 12 years of his NFL career, Smith threw two LAST NIGHT, the second giving the Chiefs the lead for good when he hit rookie Kareem Hunt in stride, streaking down the field.


That’s the Chiefs first win in Foxboro since 1990. More than half of the Chiefs roster WASN’T ALIVE the last time this happened.

And Smith, who got a taste of the future when he watched Mahomes put on an absolute laser show in Week 4 of the preseason did what he had to do. Changed his game. Took some shots.¬†And while he still played the same mistake-free, conservative football, he also used the weapons he had — taking ADVANTAGE of the fact that everybody in the league knows he’s Alex Smith.

Well not anymore. Because this guy is 2-0 against Tom Brady in the regular season. This guy rolled into Foxboro, body-swapped with TB12, then winked at Gisele on the way out.

And while I’m not quite ready to bet on Alex Smith to be the same guy come playoff time, the idea of the Chiefs adding a vertical passing game to Smith’s arsenal like he did last night, is downright terrifying.

The old dog’s still got it. And if all it took was putting Mahomes in the bullpen to take some shots downfield, then I say it was worth the draft picks.


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