Rockies 9. Dodgers 1.

And since everything involving the Dodgers these days is about numbers, here’s another one : 7. As in seven straight losses.

Yesterday I sat right here and said that it wasn’t time for Dodger fans to panic. Not with Clayton Kershaw on the mount against the Rockies. He was going to do what he always does, step up big, and stop the losing streak. Except he didn’t.

Here’s a quick recap of the top of the first against Kershaw:


And then this…


That’s Nolan Arenado jumping ship and that’s three Rockies runs on 14 Kershaw pitches. And that was followed by a single, and then finally the first out of the game.

Kershaw gave up hits to the first four batters for the first time in his career. The game is never over in the first inning, but it was over in the first inning last night. Because while the Rockies kept piling up the runs and hits, the Dodgers couldn’t manage more than one run for the third straight game. Oh, and Kershaw was removed in the fourth inning.

So, how are you feeling, Dodger fan? I told you not panic, but after that game, you now have my permission to panic. I’m not panicking, I’m expecting these guys to get healthy, and turn it around, but I can’t stop you from panicking. Rip your lettuce out of your dome…. Stress eat. Chomp your fingernails until they bleed. Because in the words of Kershaw himself, “It’s bad right now.”

For any Dodger fan who’s looking to freak, if Kershaw, your rock is getting rocked in the first inning of a streak-stopping start, and then saying afterwards, “It’s bad right now” you’re tripping. That’s like the “Drivers start your engines” of invitations to panic.

Now, Kershaw did add that “Thankfully we did win so many games early so we have a little bit of a lead right now.”

And he’s right. I’m not sure what’s crazier – how terrible the Dodgers have been for the last two weeks in particular or the fact that despite being this terrible, they still have a 10 game lead in the division.

But seriously, what the hell is happening? This team went from the best Dodgers team I’ve ever seen to a complete disaster. And that’s not just perception or overreaction. They went from losing 9 games in two months to losing 12 in 13 games. Losing just 9 games in two months is nearly impossible. But even more impossible is for that team to win just one game in 13. You couldn’t do that if you tried. What are the odds that they couldn’t just stumble into a win? That they couldn’t come up against an opponent who had a bad game and handed them a game? How is that even possible?

And is it possible for Dodger-haters to be enjoying themselves any more than they already are? The only thing that Dodger-haters like more than the Dodgers losing in the postseason is the Dodgers having an incredible summer and then imploding in the fall.

But the truth of the matter is that they are banged up and using some unusual lineups. And that teams have turned it around in the past, like the 2000 Yankees who lost 13 of the last 15 games of the regular season and then won the World Series.

So if you’re that one Dodger fan who isn’t freaking now, you can hold onto that. Or you can just hold onto the fact that there’s still a lot of talent on this team and maybe they aren’t a 116 win team, but they aren’t a 116 loss team either and they’ll find themselves in the next few weeks.

But if they’re going to find themselves in the next few weeks, there’s no better time to start than right now. Seriously.


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