Los Angeles! Show me your Rams horn! RAM IT!

If you’re looking for me to pull the e-brake on the hype train that is the Los Angeles Rams—you’ve got the wrong radio program.

I don’t care that they waxed Scott Tolzein’s Colts. It could have been Santa Monica Community College, or a local high school yesterday: A 46-9 win is a 46-9 win. Especially considering the Rams didn’t score their first touchdown last year until Week 3.

There weren’t enough game balls go around after that South Central curb-stomping they laid on Indy. Sean McVay could have kept the leather himself, if he wanted. Hard to imagine a head coaching debut going much better than that. Never mind that he’s 30, and rolled out a team that got outscored by the Browns and Jets last season. Dude just Fed-Ex’ed 53 body bags back to Crown Hill Funeral Home in Indianapolis. But forget comparing yesterday to last year. Because that was the Rams biggest blowout win in a season opener in the Super Bowl era. Took Sean McVay all of four quarters as a head coach to rewrite some 50 year old history. No big deal.

Or maybe toss that game ball to @SonOfBum. Wade freaking Phillips. The defense alone outscored the Colts, 16-9. Coach ‘em up, Wade.

Or how ‘bout the kid from Cal who put on a laser show yesterday? This entire team is built around Jared Goff right now. They bolstered the line, went out and got better receivers, and even hired a head coach known as a quarterback whisperer. All the pressure on the world is on number 16 to prove he was worth the grip of draft picks it took to move up and get him last year. And so far, so good. Because no one has ever seen the version of Jared Goff we saw yesterday: 306 yards, on 21 of 29 passing, 1 touchdown, and no picks.

Look, you can’t play Scott Tolozien’s Colts every week. But you certainly can hospital job them when you get the chance. And the Rams did. Be a soaking wet blanket if you want. But the Rams didn’t just beat who was in front of them, they straight nuked ‘em.  And coming of a 4-12 season that a city just laughed at and then ignored—yesterday was about the best grand re-opening under new management party you could have asked for.

And if you don’t like it, I got two words for ya’ll: RAM IT!


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