The Detroit Lions set an NFL record in 2016 by winning eight games when trailing in the fourth quarter. This year’s Lions team started their season by winning a game against the Arizona Cardinals they trailed in the fourth quarter.

Lions running back Ameer Abdullah joined The Jim Rome Show Wednesday on CBS Sports Radio and described how his team has become so mentally tough.

“It’s just a testament to how we practice and prepare really,” Abdullah said. “Coach Caldwell and the staff always put us in adverse situations, situations where we have to overcome and definitely rely on each other more than anything, and we’re definitely battle-tested in that area. You see it showing in the game. So we’re going to continue to do things in the process of which we do them and expect the same results.”

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw four touchdowns in the win, shortly after receiving national attention for becoming the NFL’s highest paid player ever. Abdullah said Stafford is worth every penny of his new deal.

“I feel like no one else deserves it besides him,” Abdullah said. “He’s not a guy who is always in the media. He’s not a guy on every marketing deal. He’s a guy who just comes to work, and shows up and is going to bring his best effort every day, and I feel like his is really the attitude of the team because of that, and he leads that.

“To see him get his due, especially for how much time he’s sacrificed in this city with his family and everything, I feel like he definitely deserves it and I’m happy for him.”

Growing up a Lakers fan, Abdullah was excited about the news of the organization retiring both of Kobe Bryant’s 8 and 24 jerseys he wore during his 20-year career with the team.

“Obviously Kobe is big in my basketball influence,” Abdullah said. “So to see them retire the number 8, 24 is awesome because he deserves it. He did great things in both jersey numbers.”

The 24-year-old broke down Bryant’s career as two different players in those jerseys.

“The number 8 Kobe was really truly the Mamba. Truly the guy who was going to go out and get you 81. Gonna go get you 30 points easily,” Abdullah said. “And then the 24 Kobe really became the universally known just Kobe, the global Kobe. Where he took his career to business, marketing, to also becoming a better teammate to people to win more championships and being more vocal in the front office. So he became more universal Kobe in 24.

“So to see those two dynamics of his career come together and hung up at the Staples Center, that’s cool for me to watch as a true fan.”

On Saturday, the former Nebraska Cornhusker tweeted about current Nebraska running back Tre Bryant being better than him. Today, Abdullah continued to praise of the sophomore.

“He’s just a fearless guy, man,” Abdullah said about Bryant. “I kind of saw it a little bit his freshman year, but it was a new regime, Mike Riley’s new offense, so things were kind of up and down. So I couldn’t really see his true talent, but to see now that the offensive line, they have things going, and him understanding the scheme, and now they have Tanner Lee, who I think is going to be great for him under the center.

“To see him show up like that on the road against Oregon, even though we didn’t get the win, was impressive. He’s still a young guy and he has a lot to learn about his position, I’m sure, and I’m sure he is going to tap into all the potential he possesses, but to see what he brought on that Saturday, it was amazing for me to watch, and I’m excited to see his growth, so it was a little encouragement.”





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