The results from testing Jon Jones B sample came back and…what do you know?! The B sample confirms the A sample. In other words, the B sample tested positive, just like the A sample. As expected.

And it also means that this case isn’t nearly over. Because things are a little odd, which is frequently the case involving Jon Jones and drug tests.

The A sample tested positive for turinabol, the B sample reported tested positive for M3, a metabolite of turinabol, which according to Yahoo can be detected in the system for 45 to 60 days, and possibly more, which means that there was a window between Jon Jones’ negative test on July 7th and the positive tests on July 28th where the substance could’ve entered his system. And knowing that the metabolite can last for 1 ½ to 2 months means that it would be unlikely that you would use turinabol as your PED of choice in the weeks before a fight.. If that sounds confusing, it’s because it is.

As UFC vice president of athlete health and performance Jeff Novitzky told Yahoo Sports: “On the face of things, any sophisticated doper, or any doper who knows how to do a Google search, is not going to choose turinabol or any other chlorinated steroid. They could very easily find that there is a detection window of 45 to 60 days and so with the facts that are out there, that Jon tested negative on July 6 and July 7, that means the substance entered his body between July 7 and July 28. Any sophisticated user, or anyone who does a Google search, will see it could be potentially two months in your system. Thus, it would not be a drug of choice if you had any level of sophistication.”

It’s a very good point. Turinabol is not what a sophisticated doper would use in that situation. But that doesn’t explain why the turinabol was in his system in the first place. Or why he failed a test before last year’s fight.

Surely, a sophisticated doper wouldn’t use turinabol or another chlorinated steroid, but then again, a sophisticated person wouldn’t get popped for using a sexual enhancement pill in the build up to last year’s fight either.

Jon’s argument last year was that he was given something that he thought was Cialis and it turned out to be a sexual enhancement pill that had a banned substance in it. He was banned one year for negligence.

If it was negligence the first time he did it, what do you call it if he does something similar barely a year later? Stupidity? Moronic? Or just plain cheating? I know what I wouldn’t call it, sophisticated.

How reckless do you have to be to get banned for a year for taking an unknown substance that just so happened to contain a banned substance, only to come back the following year and take another unknown substance that just so happened to contain another banned substance?

And even if that did happen, Jon Jones is still responsible for what was found in his body. So even if he did ingest it unknowingly, he still ingested it. And, ultimately, does Jon Jones really deserve the benefit of the doubt at this point?

Or maybe we’re all wrong. Maybe last year was an accident and this year is an accident, too. In that case, he’s not negligent, he is literally the unluckiest guy to walk the face of the earth. How unlucky would you be if you accidentally failed not one, but two PED tests surrounding fights against your toughest opponent? That you got a tainted sexual enhancement pill and the following year maybe got some tainted supplements or bad meat. That is just crazy bad luck. Lucky Baldwin having the first name Lucky and getting cut because some other guy used his name when he was arrested thinks that’s really, really unlucky.

Bottom line, I don’t care whether he knowingly took it didn’t… Somehow it got in his system, and he has no one to blame for that but himself… Body as temple… Your body is your money maker… You’re a professional athlete. You should know absolutely everything you put into it. Period.

Especially if you’ve already busted previously and suspended for a year… I don’t care what Jones or his team says. Unless someone comes up with definitive proof that the PED elves snuck into his room while he was sleeping and injected him with turinabol, this is 100 percent on Jon Jones.

See you in four more years, Bones.


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