Terrell Davis has bookended his NFL career, which started as a sixth round draft pick in 1995, by trying to shake off the nerves of delivering his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech last month. Having won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos during his brief NFL career, the now 44-year-old Davis compared the highlights of those championships with the moment on stage in Canton.

“It’s a little different,” Davis told The Jim Rome Show on CBS Sports Radio on Thursday. “Part of it is because you play a game, you play a season, you play the playoffs, and then you play the championship game and you win and it’s instant gratification.

“Where the Hall of Fame comes, it came 16 years after I was retired and now you have this enormous honor and your being put in front of the entire football world, so that’s different, it’s a little unique in that aspect, and that’s why it’s hard to explain to people what it feels like, because it’s like no other experience you’ve ever had. And that’s why people say man, it’s the best feeling in the world. They’re a little different, but they’re both sweet. The Hall of Fame, I think, is probably, from an individual standpoint obviously, is the best feeling you’re going to get.”

The Super Bowl XXXII MVP also shared his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys’ young running back Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott lead the NFL in rushing last season as a rookie and got off to a quick start this season rushing for 104 yards in his team’s 19-3 Week 1 win over the New York Giants. Davis said he was extremely impressed.

“He’s a difference maker,” Davis said. “When he’s in there, it not only affects the way the line blocks, but to me, it has the effect of everybody in that huddle, they just feel like they’re more comfortable with that offense. You know you got a stud back there. You know he’s one play away from breaking a long run. He’s going to be a difference maker when it comes to short yardage runs. He’s an attitude guy and they feed off that and so when he’s out there, you can tell that team’s totally different.

“It’s no knock on Alfred Morris, or [Darren] McFadden, it’s just Zeke is a different player and that offense functions a lot better when he’s back there.”



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