Canelo v. Triple G was a very good fight; but not the war we expected to be. Not the fight of the century. Maybe not even the fight of the year. But a very good fight, between two of the best fighters in the world: and I paid for it. And was happy with my ROI. I didn’t feel like I got sucker punched or ripped off it. To me it didn’t completely live up to the hype, it was a damn good fight.

Just not legendary. And not the Hagler-Hearns type of fight that Oscar De La Hoya was talking about in the run up. But again, it was a really good fight. Go to the judges’ cards, wait for Triple G to be announced the winner, maybe even by split decision, and then wait for the inevitable talk of a rematch. Eehhhhhhhh!!! That didn’t happen, because of an imbecilic scorecard belonging to one Adelaide Byrd.

I tweeted it just as it happened and I’ll say it again right now: if we know your name as a judge, that’s a real problem.

118-110 Canelo is an absolute joke. You score that fight, that way, and either your totally incompetent or you’re on the take. It’s one of those two things. It can’t be anything else.  Because there’s no way you could be sitting ringside, and score that fight, that way. And save this bullcrap about how it’s totally subjective. No one, anyone, much less someone sitting ringside who is allegedly qualified or credible could possibly have seen that fight, that way. I’d even allow for someone to give the nod to Canelo in a really close fight, even though I know Triple G won it. He won fight. Flat out. He. Won. The. Fight.

But if you have an off night, or you give Canelo the nod in a close fight, that’s not the end of the world. But Byrd scoring this one 118-110 might be. Or the beginning of the end of boxing as we know it. Because again, no one has that bad of a night. You score that fight, that way, and you’re either incompetent or you’re on the take. And I don’t think it’s the latter.

And even worse, while this is the worst night she’s ever had, well, the worst night any judge has ever had, it’s not like this is a one off for her. She’s had plenty of other bad nights. So many promoters go on record protesting her working before big fights.  Because not only do they know this could happen. They expect it to happen. And old Adelaide rarely disappoints. Did you see ESPN’s Teddy Atlas after the fight, I thought my man was going to stroke out right there on live television: dude was absolutely apa-plectic.

I’ve never done this before: but now, I want to know who the judges are before I buy a PPV. Because if she is, I’m not buying it. Hell, I want to know who they are before I even start talking about it weeks out, because if she’s part of it, I don’t want waste my time breaking it down and sharing my opinions on it. Because I won’t be watching it.

Fact is, one of the boxing’s best nights of the year, turned out to be one of the worst nights ever. A gigantic black eye for the sport. And the irony is, all those boxing purists running around before the Mayweather-McGregor fight talking about how that bout was an insult to boxing and the worst thing that could happen to boxing, and then boxing turns around on its biggest night of the year, and punches itself in the junk. That’s pretty freaking rich.


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