While their offense gets most of the attention, it’s been the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense that’s carried the team to a 2-0 record thus far. On Sunday, they held the Minnesota Vikings to nine points, but safety Mike Mitchell told The Jim Rome Show on Monday that he’s still not completely satisfied with their performance.

“We are just continually trying to be a group on the rise,” Mitchell said on CBS Sports Radio. “I felt like that was very good football. Case Keenum, obviously though was the backup quarterback and it was unfortunate we didn’t get to play them with Sam Bradford, so obviously that kind of probably helped us out a little bit. But I thought we still did a good job of taking care of the run game and limiting them in the pass game but there’s still a lot of plays out there that we left out there.

“So on a day like today especially, we are going to look at the tape and be very critical because the goal for us is to win a world championship. We know what it’s like to lose in the AFC Championship to the eventual champion, we know the steps that we need to take and that’s where our focus is.”

In Pittsburgh, anything less than a Super Bowl is a disappointment, a feeling the veteran embraces.

“Obviously, there’s a little bit of pressure just from the standpoint of knowing you have to win. But on the flip-side of it, being a true competitor, what are you playing the game for if not to win championships, as in to win as many as you can,” Mitchell said. “For a guy like me and for every guy on this football team, we’re a bunch of like-minded guys. Our goal when we wake up is to be a world champion.

“When I walked through the doors today, I did know I had a little bit of my day set aside to have an interview with you,” Mitchell told Rome. “But the rest is about how I’m going to improve from what I did yesterday so I can get ready to have a better performance versus the Chicago Bears next Sunday. And that’s legitimately what my goal in life was for my Monday and it is for Maurkice Pouncey, it is for Ben Roethlisberger, it is for all the other guys on our team.”

As an avid boxing fan, Mitchell couldn’t help to share his disgust over the Gennady Golovkin-Canelo Alvarez draw, in particularly the score card of judge Adalaide Byrd. Byrd had Alvarez winning 118-110, which was a shock to nearly everyone who had Golovkin winning the fight.

“I think Teddy Atlas, I believe, said it best. I’m almost sick of it,” Mitchell said. “I actually have a couple friends that are UFC fighters, and it doesn’t happen as often in the UFC as it does in boxing, but it still happens. You see these dudes, and they literally put their lives on the line. You go out there and take a shin to the face or you take a accumulative 100 punches, you are losing your health when you come out of that ring. You are less healthy for sure, when you come out of there versus when you went in there. And for a judge, I don’t know, I could be being ignorant here, but I’m assuming Adalaide Byrd has not professionally boxed, and I think it shows if you look at that scorecard, it shows. I haven’t boxed at a professional level, but golly, I have watched enough to know that she didn’t watch the same fight that I did.”



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