Hour 1

Giants Are A Dumpster Fire | Happy For Detroit | Detroit Reaction To Win Over Giants


Hour 2

Mike Norvell (College Football) Interview | Brian Poole (NFL) Interview | Kyrie’s TV Appearance


Hour 3

Brandon Marshall (NFL) Interview | The Jim Rome Podcast Preview | Free Charger Tacos!



Brandon Marshall

Denver Linebacker on if he can see Trevor Siemian being a star in the league: “Absolutely.”


Mike Norvell  

Memphis Head Coach on Riley Ferguson: “Total package for what we are looking for.”


Brian Poole

Atlanta Cornerback talks Green Bay win, new stadium, and candy.



Giants Are A Disaster

Once again, Monday Night Football games are preceded by the question: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? And the answer from the New York Giants is: NO. DEFINITELY NOT.
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Restore The Roar

Somebody better check on the Lions, because they are doing some very un-Lions things.
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Go Total Heel, Kyrie

Let’s not get it twisted, Kyrie is a weird dude.
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Memo To Twitter Trolls

They found Brandon Marshall. The wrong Brandon Marshall.
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