Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall said his team believed prior to Sunday’s game that they had the defensive skill players to match up against the Dallas Cowboys passing game to allow them to stack the box and stop the run. The plan worked as the Broncos held the 2016 NFL rushing leader, Ezekiel Elliott, to eight yards rushing in Denver’s 42-17 win.

Marshall joined The Jim Rome Show Tuesday on CBS Sports Radio and talked about their game plan against Dallas.

“We knew that if we wanted to win this game, we had to make Dak [Prescott] beat us. Not Ezekiel, not the offensive line,” Marshall said. “We worked all week on the run, on how we would play it, what we would do, and obviously, the game plan is all good, but you have to bring certain tenacity to the field, so we brought that. We forced Dak to throw the ball 50 times, which that’s not what they want to do. He might throw it 50 times in two games. So we forced him to throw the ball and we knew that would play into our hands.”

The Super Bowl 50 champion admitted their run defense wasn’t up to par in 2016, but they’ve made the proper adjustments for this season.

“We’ve never went anywhere,” Marshall said. “I think we kind of had a down year last year as far as the run game goes. We still were still number one in the pass, but our run defense wasn’t as great, but you know we just had to tweak some things, our d-lineman came back stronger and better this year. I think we’re going to be dominant overall again.”

Broncos’ quarterback Trevor Siemian threw four touchdowns against Dallas, and Marshall expects even better results from the second year starter.

“His progress from year 1 to year 2 is amazing,” Marshall said. “Everybody counted him out. Everybody counted us out, saying our quarterback isn’t great, but we’ve always had Trevor’s back. We always knew Trevor could be something special. He just needed what you can’t teach and that’s experience.

“You can’t teach experience, and with that, we knew he was going to grow and become a really good quarterback. So, obviously he still has a long way to go, but it’s looking promising right now.”

Last night, Marshall trolled angry fans on Twitter who confused him with New York Giants wideout Brandon Marshall, who was having a rough game on Monday Night Football. Marshall couldn’t help but laugh about it and how people still confuse his @BMarshh54 Twitter handle with the Giants’ wide receiver and how foolish the trolls are when he hits them back mid-game.

“Obviously, first of all, they don’t know who they are talking to, so I’m going to have fun with it,” Marshall said. “Actually, they are still surprised. To be [like] why, how are you tweeting at the same time as you’re playing? The fans talk reckless, they talk crazy to the players all the time, so I took it as an opportunity to get some revenge.”


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