Once again, Monday Night Football games are preceded by the question: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? And the answer from the New York Giants is: NO. DEFINITELY NOT.

Two weeks into the regular season and they look like a team that’s still in OTA’s. The team that lost to the Lions 24-10 last night is a complete and utter mess… They’re a disaster… Especially offensively…  There are few phrases more tired than “dumpster fire” but this team is in fact, a dumpster fire.

They looked like garbage against the Cowboys last week, but that was without Odell Beckham Jr, so I was interested to see how their offense would look with at least some of OBJ back. And, the answer is, almost as bad. That’s because as great as Odell is as a receiver, he’s not an offensive lineman and that’s where the Giants really need help. Ereck Flowers was a turnstile and as a result, Ziggy Ansah was in Eli’s face and his head all night.

But fellow offensive lineman Justin Pugh doesn’t want all the blame to go to Flowers: “Playing tackle in the NFL is very, very hard. Everyone wants to come and take shots at Ereck, and that’s trying to kick somebody when they’re down. He knows he didn’t do what he was supposed to do tonight. He’s 23 years old going out there and trying to do everything he can. …It hurts me to see one of my teammates and someone I, like, try to help out, to see him get beat up like that. I didn’t play great. Go put my film on. It’s five guys. We can help him out. We can do a better job. We can run the ball better. When it comes to offensive line plays, it’s all five of us, it’s not one person. So if you are going to come and bash us, don’t bash one guy.”

No worries, Justin. We’ll bash the whole crew because the whole crew was bad. But head coach Ben McAdoo doesn’t want you and the offensive line taking the blame either, as he said afterwards, “put this game on me.”

Way ahead of you, Ben. Thanks for the invitation, but that’s already happening. Giants’ fans were going double-thumbs down and booing in the first half. Let me repeat. They were booing and going double-thumbs down in the first half of the HOME OPENER. If they’re like this in mid-September, they’ll be burning that stadium to the ground, come  December.

And with good reason. Because this team should be better than it is. They have an excellent defense, a 2-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, and plenty of talent at wideout. And they have the same problems they’ve had for a number of years – a horrible  offensive line and an even worse run game… They have one touchdown this season. They have 97 rushing yards…THIS SEASON. And when you’re an alleged offensive wizard, like McAdoo is, that’s going to come back on you. If their offense was as effective at scoring as it is as taking blame, this would be a whole different story.

Except, while McAdoo was saying it on me, he was actually running his q.b under the bus as he said it. So he doesn’t want all of it to come back to him. In fact, he wanted to make sure everyone knew that the delay of game on fourth down from the Detroit 2 was all on Eli.

Damn, speaking of things snapping, can someone check on my man Ben McAdoo? That was savage. Absolutely savage from the dude with the slicked back hair. Just throwing haymakers at his quarterback. I’m sure that’ll go over real well with Eli. Actually, I’m guessing that Eli will shake it off, but if he was pissed, I’d completely understand. And it’s further proof that Eli is getting absolutely no help from anyone. Not from his offensive line, or his receivers, who are coming up with drops at the absolute worst times, and not from his head coach.

If anything, that delay of game saved McAdoo from making a truly regrettable call, going for it on fourth down and risking getting nothing in the third quarter of a 10-point game. Talk about sloppy, that call was the definition of sloppy. Instead of bashing Eli, he should be thanking him. What does it say about the offense that the biggest highlight of the night was Evan Engram scoring a touchdown, grabbing his crotch, and getting flagged?

Well, to cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, it says that things better change: “It don’t get no easier. If we don’t get it right, Philly’s gonna put 90 on our ass.”.

He’s right.. It don’t get no easier.. Not with no three of the next four on the road, it don’t.

I don’t know if Philly will put 90 on their ass, but I guarantee that this Giants offense won’t put 90 on anyone’s ass and at this rate, might not put 90 on the season. And you can put that on the offensive line and the head coach.



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