After watching Detroit last night, I’ve got three words: RESTORE THE ROAR. Somebody better check on the Lions, because they are doing some very un-Lions things. Like going on the road in primetime, leading from start to finish, dominating the game, and getting the win. Matthew Stafford’s been in the spotlight ever since signing his new contract and while his numbers aren’t going to blow you away, he did exactly what was necessary. Got poked in the eye and kept on grinding. He found a way to win. Fantasy owners aren’t going to be high fiving over 12-21 for 122 yards and two touchdowns, but the most important number is 2-0, because that’s where the Lions are right now and you can’t get any better than that after two games.

But it wasn’t all Stafford. Ameer Abdullah broke down the Giants defense the way he broke down his teammates fashion on the show last week. And the defense was all over the place, hitting and harassing Eli Manning to the point that he was this close to taking phantom sacks.

And then you had the way the Lions pounced after Giants wideout Brandon Marshall dropped a perfect pass in the fourth quarter of a one score game. Two plays later, this happened.

This Detroit crew feels a little different. This crew didn’t even need to resort to the fourth quarter heroics that they’ve been famous for over the last season plus.

It wasn’t perfect. Backup Greg Robinson was a penalty machine at left tackle and nobody put up crazy offensive numbers, but they did enough. And that’s what you have to do to win sometimes. And it’s what the Lions haven’t done in the past.

Did they get lucky, like with the Matt Prater field goal that went off the upright and in? Sure. But that wasn’t a lucky win. That was a legit win. On the road. In primetime.

They went into New Jersey and carved up the Giants the way Geno in San Antonio usually carves up the Motor City. That was total domination. I’m not saying these are the favorites in the NFC or even that Jim Caldwell should get an extension right now, but I’m also saying there’s something different about them.

Are they good? I don’t know. They’ve beaten the Cardinals and a bad Giants team. And now they have a very different beast in the Atlanta Falcons coming to their place on Sunday. Handle the NFC champs and suddenly things look very, very different. But in the meantime, I know that the Lions are 2-0. And I know the NFL is better when the Lions are better. Check that, life is better when the Lions are better. That is a great town and one that deserves to be happy when it comes to football.

I’m pumped for the Dee… And pumped for the Lions fans who have been to hell and back… I’m still not sure exactly who or what you are but I can’t wait to see what you’ve got this weekend against the Falcons, who once again look like the NFC’s best.




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